Friday Finds: My Current Love List

Today's Friday Finds is my Love List. I'm sharing just a few things that I'm loving!
1. This turtleneck sweatshirt. It's safe to say I'm obsessed with the turtle / cowl neck look! I love both of these colors-- the gray and the red/orange. Which is your favorite? 

2. These adorable booties. They're waterproof! I have this pair (same brand, but lower heel with a zipper-- on sale now) and I wear them SO much that I'll definitely be getting another pair next fall. They are so so so comfy. I can't even tell you how much I love them! 

3. SPRING clothes are coming out. And although I cannot wear them yet (not even close, guys...) I can dream! I've almost never met a white top (especially eyelet) that I didn't love. This one is so bohemian and chic! Also, am I crazy for loving this denim jacket?

4. I want this rug to magically appear in my living room. We need a new rug so bad (#puppy) and this gray/ blue is calling my name!

5. Ever since seeing these candlesticks in Harp Design Co.'s shop in Waco last year, I've been thinking about them. I love them!! You can get them white distressed or unfinished and stain them yourself.

6. Completely in love with one of my client's new bathroom floor! This is her daughter's lucky girl!

7. I haven't tried this yet, but it has everything I love in it, so I'm excited to try it soon. Get the recipe for this teriyaki pineapple chicken and rice with avocado here, by my sweet friend Amanda!

 8. In May I'm going to Nashville for The Bloom Workshop! If you're local or know the area, give me some tips + great restaurants!

9. This Brightening Oil has stolen my heart recently. I can't get enough!! Probably because it smells like a dream (aka citrus) and my skin is so dry, it needs it so bad! It might seem counter intuitive to apply oil to your skin if you're trying to not be oily, but it's actually important to put on good oil so that your skin doesn't over compensate and produce oil on its own. This one has Vitamin C in it, one of the best things for your skin.

10. All these cute new looks at The Mason Jar Boutique. They have some fun Valentine's Day inspired pieces!

That's it for today! Tell me what you're loving in the comments. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. That white eyelet top is gorgeous.. now I'm wondering if it would be good to fit over my big old pregnant belly.. if not, it might be a postpartum winner for coming home from the hospital!! :) Come on anthro give us a 20% off haha

  2. The link for the sweatshirt isn't correct. Just wondering where it's from?

  3. That eyelet denim jacket looks exactly like something you'd have in your closet (speaking as one who's been following your blog for years) and I hope you get it! In Nashville there are three places that I recommend: The Parthenon, walking through the indoor gardens at the Grand Ole Opry (Pick #2) and Cheekwood Estate & Botanical Gardens (Pick #1 - such a beautiful place & their restaurant serves great food!):


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