Fixer Upper's Garden Design & Spring Faves at Hearth & Hand

Hey friends! Hope you enjoyed your weekend. My husband got sick on Saturday morning, so I took Lincoln over to his dog brother's house to have a play date. His brother's owner is one of my design clients and I just adore her, so it was fun to see her, chat about their family room design, and play with the pups. We also gave Lincoln a little (much needed) face trim. Doodles' rapid hair growth is no joke, guys!

Well we've got some sun in the forecast and there are no days with temps under 40 degrees in the 10 day forecast, so I'm beginning to get semi excited about Spring! Its IS Michigan, so it could always change (like my Grandma says, just stick around 15 minutes and the weather will change here ;)) But peeks of sunshine, combined with watching one of the latest episodes of Fixer Upper this last week has Spring on the brain. AND! Easter is only 4 weeks away, which is seriously crazy to me! 

Did you guys catch the episode where Chip and Jo built and created their garden and garden "shed"? Shed is in quotes because....did you see that thing?! It's half the size of our apartment and pretttyyy nice! ;) There were so many elements I loved about the design, I thought I'd share some highlights. That led me to checking out a few of their new items in the Hearth + Hand collection at Target, so my favorite picks are below.

Here's that "shed" they built ;)

The outside garden area is so adorable, quaint and charming. Almost looks like it's pulled out of the European countryside. 

Have you noticed that JoJo sticks to a lot of the same design principles on any given project? I love that she knows what she likes and what works. I also love that this season she's stepping a bit out of her usual design comfort zone and not boxing the home designs into the over-the-top shabby chic / farmhouse styles. There are still elements of this, but it's not in your face. She still uses the same principles, like wood and metal elements, simple decorations and big windows, but she's really making sure to highlight the style the couple / family loves.

Some takeaways from this charming space: 

- Go BIG with windows. Don't be afraid to chose a window with a design in the pane. Notice how all the windows in the space have this unique diamond lattice pattern. 

- Go BOLD with light fixtures. I always tell my clients lighting is like the jewelry for your home. For greater impact, she went with two of the same light fixtures.

- Don't be afraid to mix metals and finishes. You'll see the matte black faucet, brass/bronze light fixtures, darker concrete counters with a lighter concrete sink, varying light / warm wood tones, and lots of other textures seen in books and pots. The rule of thumb in mixing metals and texture like this is to make sure each element has a "buddy". So the matte black found in the sink is also found in the hardware on the sliding bookcase ladder and the knobs on the potting station drawers. See how that works?! It's also important to chose a dominant metal and then accent metals when mixing a few different tones. 

- Don't skimp on greenery! This is one of Joanna's very favorite ways to decorate, have you noticed? Most of her decor in Fixer Uppers consist of vases and jugs that are filled with lush, beautiful greenery. Most of the time they're faux! Chose a real-looking faux plant or get low-maintenance living plants to help make your home come alive and look more vibrant.

 Photos: Jennifer Boomer

Watching this episode of Fixer Upper got me curious about the new things in the Hearth & Hand Collection at Target. Like usual, they are super simple pieces that will blend with your current decor. This season there's even a few Easter-inspired pieces :)
SHOPchandelier / metal vase set / rattan wall art / succulent cutting / eucalyptus cutting / brass floor lamp / clear glass goblet / egg tray / bunny ear egg holder / jade glass cupcake stand / vases and jugs

Did you see this episode where they designed the garden?! My friend Ashley has watched it twice because this will be her second summer growing her own garden and this year she's expanding it. She got lots of great ideas and inspiration from Jo!

Have you checked out the spring collection for Hearth & Hand? If you got anything, let me know what!

Happy Monday!

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