November Thankful List 3

Only two more Thursday's in November after this one! Sharing my thankful list with you this week...

- a quiet afternoon reading my new Reese Witherspoon book for inspiration. I love her style!
- 2 dozen white roses, picked up from TJ's for $11 and sprinkled all over our apartment.
- the coming of Christmas. 
- protection over my family and friends in california from the fires (though one of my parent's friends' homes burned completely and she lost everything...thankful for her safety).
- waking up to hot tea at my nightstand from my husband before he left for work.
- hello fresh (because sometimes coming up with what to cook is really hard for me!)
- smells of a yummy dinner (my husband is cooking right now :))
- Lincoln running as fast as he can at the park, playing with puppy friends.
- intentional time working on our marriage.
- the book How We Love. I've been reading it this week and so many light bulbs are going off about both of our family history and how we bring our pasts into our marriage.
- snow tires
- the sweetest, most encouraging text from my mama. It was the best surprise during a day I could have done without.
- sunshine after days of cloudy gray skies.
- time to do a little craft project.
- family pictures...and my friend Ashley who does such a good job taking them!
- a quiet night doing girl things like painting my nails and watching a Hallmark movie.
- my husband's heart for his student's in the youth group. 
- the way God pursues us, even at our worst.
- a needed break from social media this week.
- client projects that fuel me with creativity
- thanksgiving next week and the yummy food that comes with:)

What are you thankful for this week?

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