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Happy Tuesday, friends! I'm so excited to share this gift guide with you because it's full of amazing beauty finds-- everything from makeup to skin care, nail polish, makeup bags, brushes, and some great tools for your beauty arsenal. It's a long post, so stick with me! Oh and spoiler alert, everything at Beautycounter is 15% off + free shipping over $50 for the Black Friday sale now --> the 26th. Hooray!

DETAILSsunday studio berry color polish / W3ll People mascarapink bow makeup case / pink makeup bag (opened in pic) / Mac advanced makeup brushes / foundation angled brush / Dyson hair dryer / scrub, bath soak and body oil / clarisonic mia / cote light pink nail polish / cleansing balm / blush (melon) / lipstick (first date color) / resurfacing peel / charcoal mask & charcoal soap / eye rescue cream 

A couple stand out products above:

Clarisonic: if you don't already know, exfoliating your skin is really important to your skin's health! One of the ways you can do this is by using this Clarisonic (the Mia version). When you start using this, make sure you work up to it. I started by just using it once a week and now I can use it twice a week with no irritation. I've used this for YEARS (since college) and I love how clean it makes my skin feel. First I cleanse my skin of makeup, then I use the Clarisonic, which you'll move in circular motions across your face while it vibrates, with your cleanser on it for a nice double cleanse.

Dyson Hair Dryer: okay girls, this hair dryer is apparently life changing. It's expensive, I'm warning you now. But from all the reviews I've read, it's SO worth it! It makes your hair so smooth, shiny and dries hair in record time. 

Cleansing Balm: 15% off now-- this is the way I take off my makeup these days. I was using coconut oil but found it was drying out my skin around my eyes. This is a wonderful smelling balm that removes makeup, but it doesn't stop there. It also can be used as a mask and overnight moisturizer when dry skin hits (pretty much all of winter here!)

Foundation Brush: I got this makeup brush back in June and it totally changes how my foundation looks, because before I was applying with my fingertips (gasp, I know). I love how this one stipples on the product without sucking it up. It goes on so evenly now.

Nail Polish: I shared Sunday Studio polishes with you in this gift guide, but they're making the list again, along with Cote polish, because they're just that good. Both are non-toxic nail polish with tons of gorgeous colors to choose from! This is my collection so far:

It wasn't until about a year and half ago that I got really excited about beauty products. That's about when I started being concerned with what was actually IN my products! Thankfully I found Beautycounter, along with some other great brands, that value safety and clean beauty. 

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite holiday sets with you that are all 15% off + free shipping over $50 from now until the 26th! These are the sets that I think will set out first, so grab them while you can!

1. Set of 10 mini lip glosses and set of 8 mini lipsticks: this is such a fun gift set. They all have a lovely subtle peppermint flavor for the holidays and each set has some awesome colors! I am breaking these up and giving them as individual gifts. If my friends are reading, call your color ;) Each gloss and lipstick really does have a good amount of product in it to last you a while and for me, these products last a long time ON my lips, too. Usually about 2 hours if I'm not eating. But the best part, of course, is that they're safe for your body and lips! Cause let's be honest, we're probably going to swallow some gloss every now and again.

2. Mini oils: these are small sizes of our regular facial oils. This is such a great way to test out which oil you like best! For only $30, you get to try all three! My favorite is #1. You can either apply this oil directly to your face after washing OR drop some into your moisturizer...whatever works for you. I use this every other night and it's on my list of things I couldn't live without.

3. Set of 3 hand creams: this is a great gift idea for your girlfriends, mom, grandma's, mother in laws, etc. You can give the whole set (it comes in cute packaging!) or break them up and give each to someone different. That's what I'll be doing. I actually got two sets of these because they're so amazing. The scents are Lavender, Monoi, and Petal.  

4. Mask and charcoal soap set: these mini versions of the regular sized mask and face soap are also great gift ideas. Perfect for teens especially who struggle with acne because of charcoal's balancing properties, but also great for your girlfriends. Once you put it on, it will dry up on your skin, drawing out impurities while the luxurious peppermint scent will wakeup your skin instantly. It's great for unclogging pores, but doesn't leave your skin super dry like most charcoal masks do. As for the soap, I wash my face with this every other day and it's great for keeping oil at bay and evening out my skin tone.

5. Necessary neutrals eye shadow palette: I'm not much of an eye shadow gal to be honest, but when I wear eye shadow, this palette has literally every color I could ever need! It comes with a mirror that you can take in and out (so handy!) and a shadow brush, all in one palette.

I love this gray color for my crease

Clearly the haze color has gotten some use :)

6. Nude lip gloss trio: the only neutral colors you'll need, these 3 glosses are the large size, flavored with a hint of peppermint and give a gorgeous, non-sticky shine.

7. Instant awakening set: this set is so fun! It comes with 4 sets of eye cooling masks, a mini bottle of our Resurfacing Peel (one of the best things, another one I couldn't live without!) and a shimmer moisturizer to give you that subtle dewy look. 

To use the overnight resurfacing peel, wash your face and apply the serum. Wait 10 minutes, then apply your moisturizer over top. I do this every 3 nights or so and it's great for evening skin tone, brightening, slightly exfoliating, and smoothing.

The shimmer moisturizer goes on under your foundation to create the dewy look-- but don't worry, it's nothing glittery or too over-the-top ;)

These eye revive cooling masks are amazing. You apply them right under your eyes to let the moisture soak into the under eye area and nourish the most delicate spot on our faces.

This isn't a gift set, but I wanted to show you the mascara I use and really like. Turns out mascara is one of those things that's most important to switch over to something safe because conventional mascaras have carbon black in them! I've found that the W3ll People brand is my favorite. The wand is thin, but I've found it lasts for a long time and goes on super smooth. I do 2 coats of mascara every morning and this is working really well for my lashes!

I hope this list of my favorite beauty products helps you gift the beauty-lovers this year. Or maybe you just added a bunch of new things to your wish list :)

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