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Okay, ladies! Today's gift guide is for the guys. Whether you're shopping for your boyfriend, husband, dad, or brother, here are a bunch of things the men in our lives just might love! (And is it just me, or are they the HARDEST to shop for?! Hopefully this helps!)
wallet / apple airpodsset of 3 socks / tie / green sweater / blue sweater / cashmere gray sweater / gingham button up shirt / sneaker / jeans / Bose speaker / ugg slippers / Nest thermostat / fitbit watch / turn table / gray scarf / men's kit with cleanser, shaving cream, aftershave tonic, face lotion / boxers 

In my husband's stocking, I always stick in a pair of socks, boxers (got the ones funny are the patterns?! Love it.) and a chocolate, beer or something else that's kind of small like gum, cool toothpicks, etc. I love filling his stocking! Usually I grab him something warm to wear for one of his wrapped gifts and then something fun I know he'll be excited about, like headphones (these are on his wishlist) or something tech or coffee inspired (he's a serious coffee snob!) I put the turn table in there because my hubby also loves record and we have quite a vinyl collection already. We have a turn table, but this one looks so cool and retro, yet modern.

More ideas:
Date Box was so fun for us a couple weeks ago, giving a subscription to your hunny might be fun! I hope my dad doesn't read this (but he probably will, considering he's my number 1 fan!) because we are thinking of getting him this for him and my mom to have a date-night-in :) You can use the code MICHAELA50 for 1/2 off your first box!
My husband loves his Yeti so much, so I think this is a great gift! My parent's got it for him last year and he uses it almost every day. I even loved it, so he got me one for my birthday :)
If you're buying a gift for a guy who likes to read, these are a few of my husband's favorite books that have all been really impactful in his faith: (one isn't showing up, but it's probably the best one-- The Holiness of God by RC Sproul.

My parent's love going to Hawaii for vacation, so often I'll get my dad something from Tommy Bahamas, one of his favorite stores!

Hope these help! And please, as always, share your gift ideas for the guys in the comments!


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