Client Reveal: Light & Airy Michigan Family Room & Kitchen

Hi friends. Phew! I got knocked out with the flu (aka my worst nightmare) on Monday and then was down again all Tuesday from body aches and sheer exhaustion. So thankful this happened on two severe snow days here in Michigan, because appointments were already canceled. 

Anyways, I'm so excited to be sharing this client design reveal with you today! I love all of my clients (really, I do!) but this one has such a special place in my heart. We met through our dogs and I feel like she's become my Michigan mom of sorts, which is really special since my own mom is in California! She's so kind, always checks in on me and I know she'd be there for me in a heartbeat if something ever happened. 

This reveal of their family room, dining, and kitchen seriously makes me so happy! She came to me asking for help with her house, after another interior designer helped them redo their kitchen, except it wasn't anything like what she wanted. This just makes me so sad! My main goal as a designer is to have my client's LOVE their home. This client told me she wanted "a light, bright, and airy home just like I see on your instagram" (so sweet!) We went to work!

Problem #1 was that the paint color was way too dark for their house and because of their several skylights, the paint color though it was technically a gray, always looked green. We found the perfect color in Stonginton Gray (but toned down to 75%) to achieve this airy look. Because it has an undertone of blue, on their walls with the skylights, it appeared a solid, neutral gray. Hooray! We also replaced the carpet for LVP (luxury vinyl planking) throughout the whole main living area which made it look so much larger. We got lots of new furniture, but still kept some of their current pieces, too! 

Ready to see the before?!

And now the AFTER!

Their beautiful new rug took a while to find, but once we landed on it, it brought so much clarity to the space! Her husband didn't want something too light, and since they have dogs, we agreed it couldn't be a loop rug or anything solid. This has just the right amount of pattern and color. We pulled some blues from the rug into the sofa pillows, the lamps and other elements in the kitchen.

Now for the before of the fireplace wall. My client didn't like her stone selection at all because it felt too dark. I told her to trust me-- once we found a better paint for the walls and paint the mantel white, remove the hearth tile, she'd like it better. And if not, we could always replace the stone after.

No need to do that, because she loves it now! And I do too. It actually helps to bring warmth and texture to the room. I pulled up some of the warmer tones into the candlesticks on either side of the mantel and added a touch of green to keep things fresh. 

One thing that's important to note is that because they have such tall ceilings, we needed to bring height from the ground up, not just hang things on the wall. So in addition to the large mirror over the sectional, I also brought in a taller plant, used a lamp they already had that worked with the space to help them save some cost, and immediately, the room started looking more proportionate. 

This arm chair was sourced by the previous designer, and since it was costly, we kept it and made it work. In their previous room, it felt dark and drab, but now it's really sweet and seems a lot brighter!

We got some custom pillows made for her sofa to coordinate with the rug colors and I LOVE them! It's a whimsical and fresh floral, perfect for the room.

I love the nailhead detailing on the sofa!

What's a room without a fiddle leaf tree?!

Curtains hung higher over the windows is a sure way to draw the eye up and give height to the room. It's also such a nice, soft finishing touch!

In the entryway we added a console table with a pair of lamps for ambient lighting, a basket for dog treat and leash storage, and two poufs for extra seating. It's come in really handy!

The wall between the kitchen and living room got some much needed art, adding colors seen throughout the rest of the spaces.

We kept the old recliner and it looks just fine now sitting next to one of my favorite pair of nesting tables. They work in almost every space! 

Okay, now onto the kitchen reveal...

When someone says bright and airy kitchen, I can't believe that this small, dark glass tile is the first thing you think of?! Ha! No judgement, but I think I had a bit better idea of what she wanted :)

We painted the cabinets white, changed the tile out for a beveled subway tile and light gray grout, installed new quartz countertops and a new sink. We also got new cabinet knobs and pulls, making it feel like a totally new kitchen!

The dining space got a new table and chairs, but we did keep the buffet and it looks so much better now!

I walked into a local store and found this piece of art that I knew would be perfect for their dining room. It tied in all the colors so well! A couple accessories and we were all set.

A few sources for you: 
Paint: Stonington Gray at 75%

I hope you've enjoyed this reveal! It really shows the power of paint, doesn't it?! The best part for me is knowing my clients absolutely love their new space. She tells me all the time how much more it feels like home to them, which is so sweet. 

Happy Wednesday, all!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! She must be thrilled. Do you have a go-to color for painting kitchen cabinets white? I feel like there are so many whites, it's confusing!

    1. I second that comment! We are looking to paint our cabinets white as well and the choices are so overwhelming!

    2. Hi ladies! Such a good question. I didn't write it down, but my client is checking for me :) My go-to's are Simply White, White Dove, Chantilly Lace, Swiss Coffee...they are all Benjamin Moore and they are all a little different. Some with more cream and others with more of a bright white (like Chantilly Lace, for example). My best advice is to take a couple color with you when picking out countertops and see if any look good with the countertops you choose. You can ALWAYS find a paint color that works with your countertops, but not always the other way around. Also, make sure to hold the samples in their correct orientation for lighting purposes! So hold the paint sample vertically and the countertops horizontally, as they will actually sit, so you get the full effect. I check for things like the paint color looking yellow or dirty or too gray next to a countertop. I hope this helps!!

  2. That's great advice - thank you!

  3. Second time am reading your post! it was really fabulous, this time after reading out i coud't control to comments, thanks for sharing
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  4. Oh my word I bet they just love living in their home now with it being freshly painted and all of the pretty touches you’ve done! It looks fantastic! I want that kitchen! I am going to paint mine this year and I can’t wait now that I see this reveal!

    1. Thanks, Jodi! And YES!! You'll love it with a fresh coat!


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