Top 18 Favorite Things in 2018

Okay friends, to kick off my first week back to blogging, I'm sharing 18 of my favorite things from 2018 with you. And make no mistake, these are, material stuff. No shame ;) Maybe you'll find one or two things that you want to give a try!

1. Cleansing Balm. I had previously been taking off my makeup with coconut oil, but when the skin around my eyes got ridiculously dry and itchy, I stopped and the problem cleared up. I still needed something to remove my eye makeup, so I tried this cleansing balm since it is one of Beautycounter's top performing and top selling products. It not only removes makeup, but it also is a literal healing balm for my dry, winter skin! It's ultra moisturizing but doesn't clog pores. I will always have this in my bathroom cupboard!
2. T3 Curling Iron. I got this for Christmas and am obsessed, as I suspected because of the reviews! I did a quick tutorial on it in my Stories last week, saved to my highlights. Hope it's helpful! If you have a Macy's card, you might be glad to know they sell it there, too. 

3. Blondo Waterproof Booties. You know my love for these, because I talk about them embarrassingly often. This year I got a higher heel pair at the Anniversary Sale and they are awesome! I love them SO much. This is the pair I got in 2017 and this is my new pair. They don't have a ton of sizes left in that style, but this one is super similar.  They're all on sale now!

4. Tory Burch Sandals. My mom got me these for my birthday in 2017 but since my birthday is in November, I couldn't wear them until spring 2018 ;) I wore them pretty much ALL summer because they are so comfortable and durable. I have the patent leather, so wearing them in rain wasn't a problem. A client was getting rid of a pair of her pink ones in December, so she gave them to me-- I am so excited to wear these in 6 months. (That's really depressing actually...ha!!) PS. This leopard pattern is on sale.
5. Super soft Target long sleeve tee. I just bought my third one of these the other day. Can't stop, won't stop. At $9.99, there really is no softer long sleeve I've found! I wear it to sleep in and under a knit sweater to go out in. Truly versatile ;) I have pink, light gray, and mustard yellow (so cute in fall).

6. Strawberry Acai Refreshers from Starbucks (with no strawberries inside). I can't have caffeine, so this drink is perfect for me! It actually has the tiniest touch of naturally derived green coffee extract in it, but it doesn't affect me, so I'm all good. It's sweet and refreshing, but not too many calories.

7. Long necklaces. I wear my Kendra Scott necklace the most, but have a collection of a couple favorite longer necklaces and they're usually the ones I want to pair with most outfits!
8. Kut from the Kloth Jeans. I got my first pair during the Anniversary Sale and love them! They seem to be the pair I always reach for. They're soft, have some stretch without needing to be washed with every wear, and I love the wash color. 

9. Magnolia Table Cookbook. I have made a couple recipes out of here and really loved them all!

10. Rothy Flats. Click here to get $20 off! I love these so much, I can't even tell you! Ironically they arrived one day before snow hit here, so I haven't been able to wear them in Michigan at all, but I did wear them a lot in CA during my trip there in December. They are so comfortable and both the entire shoe and the insert are machine washable. They come in rounded toe and loafer styles, too!
11. Sundays Studio clean nail polish. So many great colors and safe to use!! And they last so much longer than traditional polishes I've tried like OPI and Essie.

12. Brightening Face Oil. I use a drop of this on my skin every other night before bed, after washing my face and before moisturizer. If my skin is really dry, I use it in the morning, too! Smells like citrus, brightens and moisturizes my skin.
13. Primally Pure non-toxic deodorant. After trying a couple brands, this is by far my favorite. It keeps me smelling great all day, even though I still sweat a little (but sweating is good and natural!)

14. Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray (yes, this made the list because I used it in a couple client's homes and I love it!)

15. Patterned laundry room floors. Alllll the heart eyes!
16. Jen Wilkin's book, None Like Him. This was such a good book for me, because it was solid truth reminders of who God is and what his unique characteristics are that make him God.

17. Getting my eyebrows under control with my friend Janelle at Grand Rapids Natural Health! I do a tint and wax every 8ish weeks. This isn't a tangible THING per se, but it's definitely one of my favorite things I've done in 2018. Proof (also, yikes at the before...)

18. Peppermint oil + my hot pack. I've been dabbling in essential oils these last couple years and peppermint is for sure my favorite, most effective oil. I use it on my temples and the back of my neck if a headache comes on and it really helps it! I also use it on my stomach if a get a stomachache and it tends to soothe it. A runner up oil is Valor and I use this at night on the bottoms of my feet (apparently our feet have large pores that soak in the oils faster) and on my chest so I can smell it. I swear to you, Valor helps me fall asleep faster (I used to struggle with being overwhelmed and thinking too much about the next day at night, which would hinder me getting to sleep). Ever since using it, I've fallen asleep quicker and slept very soundly. I even have extremely vivid dreams!

And lastly, my hot pack. I can't believe I haven't talked about this before, but I literally use it every single day of my life, multiple times a day in the winter. It's a pack filled with beans/rice (I can't remember exactly what) and you heat it up for 2 min in the microwave. I put it on my shoulders in the morning to warm up and relax my shoulders. I use it for cramps during that time of the month and I put it on my back if that's ever hurting. Every night before bed, I heat it up and fall asleep with it. I think this triggers my brain to know it's bedtime (because it's part of my routine) and the smell helps relax me (it smells like an herbal tea, which I love). 

What are some of your favorite things from 2018?!
Happy Wednesday :)

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