Client Reveal: Fresh Bathroom Updates

Ah, happy Monday! It wasn't the most relaxing weekend ever because we spent it painting the new house, but it was so productive and I'm loving how it's looking!
Last week I went to one of my client's houses to finish off their bathroom project. We started this renovation last August, so to see it all come together was SO fun! I love this family and more specifically, adore the wife who I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with. It's so sweet how I learn something from each of my client's. This one has taught me so much about being a mom and having fun with your family. They have 3 very active kids and are actually hoping to find a new house here in the coming year or so, so the goal was to update and refresh the bathrooms without blowing the budget. Since bathrooms help sell houses, we had to be strategic about what we did and I think the final product turned out gorgeous!

Here is the hall bath that the 3 kids use (elementary through high school ages). It's also the bathroom for guests when they have them. As you can see it was the original vanity, laminate countertops, and a dark color making the space look pretty closed in.

We turned that right around and made it nice and bright! We got a new, updated vanity at a higher height and with a gorgeous quartz countertop. The flooring got upgraded and it made a huge difference! Other updates included new faucets and new hardware on the drawers. Since the family is thinking of selling their house in the coming year, we didn't do anything over the top and decided not to switch out the mirror or light fixture. 

Another element we changed out was the cabinet above the toilet. The original one was a little dark and large for the space, so this open shelving gave it a lighter feel. 

Now for the master bathroom! We started with one sink and a large storage tower, outdated lighting, a small fiberglass shower, and old linoleum flooring. You guys, this change is AMAZING!

Can you even believe this?! Taking down the storage tower allowed for double sinks to be a reality! A huge selling feature for potential clients. We obviously got a new vanity and opted for a pretty gray color. We did the same quartz as the hall bath, new faucets, lights above each sink, new hardware and a new mirror trimmed out in white.

The toilet nook used to be dark and not necessarily a highlight of the space ;)

With the addition of two wood floating shelves, it's now a great area to display some pretty decorations and store cotton balls and q-tips.

I LOVE this quartz! The veining is so beautiful.

Probably the biggest transformation was this shower. It's only a 3x3 space and the thick fiberglass insert took up about an inch and a half of space all around. The shower door was also dated.

 We ripped that out and installed large subway tile with a gorgeous marble niche and light gray grout. The niche tile color ties right into the new gray vanity color. The new fixtures look SO pretty!

Want to know a fun fact? I actually met these clients at the dog park while Lincoln and their dog, Macy, were playing! We got to talking and when they found out I was an interior designer, they told me about their bathroom projects and we exchanged information. So thankful for this "meet cute" ;) How sweet is Macy?! I think she even likes the new bathrooms!

I hope you enjoyed this transformation!

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  1. Nice updates, but I would have definitely "fought" to change out the light fixture and mirror in that half bath. Those really do not have to cost much and make a huge difference.

  2. Both turned out so great! I'm thinking of doing something similarto the first bath in our upstairs bathroom. What paint color did you use? So pretty!

    1. Thank you so much! The color is Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore :) Good luck with your project!!


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