My Husband's Favorite (Technology) Features of Our Home

We've almost lived in our house for a year now (coming up in May!) and there are a few features my husband, McCann, likes best about it. He's had so much fun tricking it out, as would most engineers ;) It should be no surprise that his favorite things are almost all technology related.

Lockly door lock: Lockly sent us this lock about a month now on our side door (the door we use every day) and we absolutely love it! Not only is it a keyless entry you can access with a passcode on the screen, but it also has a fingerprint ID you can program to open the door! This is what we use and it's been awesome. When we had a dog sitter, we just had her program her fingerprint so she could get in when she was staying at our house and we didn't even have to give her a key.

The lock syncs up with the Lockly app on our phone, so we can lock and unlock the door from that as well as program passwords for a friend or worker if someone else needed to get in. It's really simple to use and very safe! I love that I don't have to dig around my purse for my keys every time I come home. I also like that the door is programmable to lock X amount of seconds after you shut it. I always know the door is locked!

We have the Lockly Secure Pro Dead Bolt, Venetian Bronze (it matches our oil rubbed bronze door handle perfectly!)

The fingerprint ID is right on the side and if we needed to use the passcode, the numbers pop up on the screen part of the interface. Of course, if something malfunctioned, there's also a deadbolt key.

Nest Thermostat: This we did actually have in our apartment, so it's not new to this house, but it's equally worth mentioning. It's so nice to be able to program the temperature you want your house to be throughout the day. It can adhere to a schedule you set, which is awesome. We also love it for when we are away and we're on our way home from a trip and need to turn up the heat to make sure it's not an ice box when we get back. 

Amazon Echo Show: I got this for McCann for Christmas and it sits on our kitchen counter (much to my dismay, ha!!) But I have to say, it's fairly sleek looking so I don't mind it all that much. We have it set to scroll through our photos which is pretty fun, I have to admit. It has a great speaker, so playing music from this is really good quality which we both appreciate. We'll often cook dinner to music and my husband is a huge music guy, so this is definitely his favorite feature. Another thing it can do is look up news articles and recipes for you! It always displays the time and temperature outside AND it connects to Alexa, so we have this out instead of the little Alexa thing (that's in his office). This Echo has a much better speaker, like I mentioned, so I like that the sound quality when Alexa talks is much better.

My Q: this is an app that McCann got to control our garage door. It's been awesome!

Recessed Lights: One of the first things we did when we got our house was install recessed lighting in the living room. And by "we" I do mean McCann and his friend ;) The extent of my help was the placement of the lights. He has never done electrical work before, but having that engineer-like brain, he completely nailed it! It's been a lifesaver because there's no other ceiling lighting in the living room. We put in 4 in a square (to mimic the shape of our room), but you can only see two here. 

Does your husband love technology related home gear, too?! 

Happy Thursday!

This post was sponsored by Lockly. As always, I only share about and support companies with products we actually love and use ourselves, or I would source for my design clients. Thank you for trusting me and supporting brands that keep MND doors open!

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