My Parent's Kitchen Remodel Reveal

You might remember a couple of months ago when I was in California visiting my family, I shared some sneak peeks of my parent's newly remodeled kitchen. I'm so excited to share the final reveal with you today! I'm actually back in town visiting them again, so I'll pop on Instagram to show you a real life look.

Ready for the BEFORES?!

We had dingy oak cabinets (mind you, they looked great 20 years ago when my parent's bought the house), no backsplash, and some dated features like the color of the window box, light fixtures and most notably, the roosters everywhere. Sorry, mom ;) 

Fun fact: I painted the piece of the fruit above the oven when I was 12, I think. We finally retired it ;)

For some reason the previous owner put paneling around the kitchen window. Obviously this had to go!

Now for the AFTERS!

Here's what we did: Home Depot resurfaced the cabinets, which means a new front was put on the base cabinets plus completely new doors and drawers. We were also able to change the cabinet doors to big drawers for pots and pans under the cooktop. We added pretty hardware to match the sink faucet. Adding a backsplash was a total game changer! It's a light greige color to pull out that hue from the countertops. We tiled around the window box and updated the window box by getting glass shelves and painting it white to match the cabinets. We also retired the rooster rug and got a really pretty new ruggable rug, which we're so happy with! Finally, we removed the huge kitchen light and replaced with recessed cans. So. Much. Better!

I need to note that not only is this not sponsored by Home Depot, they also probably won't like me saying that it was honestly a really miserable time working with them. The project was delayed almost 2 months (almost didn't make it in time for the holidays, when they originally said it'd be done by the last week of August) and it was a complete nightmare trying to get a hold of anyone in the department. While the communication was terrible, the outcome was amazing. Everything looks really beautiful and my parent's are very happy!

The tile around the window box and new light fixture are two of my favorite updates!!

Some fun comparisons:

I love that while we didn't change everything (we kept the floor and the granite), the things we DID change made a huge impact and it literally feels like a completely different kitchen! 

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Your parent’s kitchen looks fabulous! Love what you did-so bright and beautiful!


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