Our Backyard Deck Progress & Patio Furniture

As you know from Instagram, we're in the middle of a backyard renovation! It's all happening so quickly, thanks to my super handy husband! I can't wait to have this be a spot to enjoy all summer in just a few weeks. I thought I'd show you the progress so far. 

For reference, here is where we started...with absolutely nothing!

Two weekend's ago, McCann poured the foundation "footers". Last weekend he built the structure of the deck and this week he's been working on getting the top of it on (laid in a pretty diagonal pattern) AND putting on the stringers to build the steps down off the deck. He's out there every waking minute other than when he's working from home, so it's taking shape really quickly!

The deck is small, only 10x20', so we didn't want to have a railing because I think it'd make it feel really closed in, especially with our backyard fence so close. So we decided to do a step almost the entire width of the 20' long side (it will actually be 2 steps) and then I thought of the idea to put a 10' planter bed along the other side where the chair is, to act as a rail on that side AND it will double as some more privacy once we get some tall shrubs planted in box. You can see my inspiration below.

The box will be built on the other side of the deck, so not to take up precious deck square footage. And I'm not 100% on dimensions yet, but I'm thinking it'll be 12" deep and 2' taller than the deck itself. I'm planning to put some herbs in here, among other colorful annuals, so I can use them to cook this summer!



We will run the boards of the planter box horizontal like ship lap, and eventually stain them to match the deck. We will stain the deck next year after it's had a year to weather. I'm thinking something slightly darker than the fence (which we're staining this year a really natural color).


I'm so excited, we just ordered our table and chairs for the deck this week! I scoured the internet for HOURS. Way too much time spent, probably, but I found a really good deal for furniture I really love. I wanted something that looked like indoor furniture so it is like an extension of our home, but that was weather proof. When we ordered it was 40% off, but they're still on sale for a good chunk off.

table / chairs

We will string up some market lights out there and probably get an outdoor rug to cozy it up. Can't wait for summer nights out here!!

Hope you have a great day!

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  1. Looks great! One thing to consider that we had to modify for my grandmother when she would visit, is that if you expect elderly people to visit and want to walk around the backyard, sometime stairs can be tricky and they rely on handrails (even for just two steps!). We installed a small handrail so she could get up and down with ease. something small like this. https://www.etsy.com/listing/589182533/handrail-wrought-iron-1-2-steps-steel?ref=landingpage_similar_listing_top-4&frs=1. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. This is looking fabulous! Hubby is doing a great job! Next week you’ll be sitting on this porch watching the plants grow! Yay!


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