The One Skincare Ingredient You Need NOW

Today we're diving deep into an ingredient that is a must-have in any skincare routine! Can you guess it?! If you said Vitamin C, then you're right! The reason it's gaining popularity over the last several years is because it works SO incredibly well. And with all these days spent at home, what better time to talk about skincare and self care?! ;)

Before we dive in, I'm going to tell you the difference between two common, but different, skincare products:


Serums: lighter weight, layered under moisturizer, formulated to target specific skincare concerns. Clean Beauty says "their molecules are very small, so they absorb deeply in the skin to achieve a desired result: skin brightening, balancing, pigmentation, moisture-barrier repair...". Because of the small molecules, they can deliver antioxidants and peptides very effectively.

Facial Oils: the ultimate purpose of an oil is to provide extra hydration our skin needs so badly. They are like big glasses of water for our skin! Oils are "particularly effective because they mimic our skin’s natural sebum production". (source) Face oils will also help strengthen the skin barrier, give our skin that beautiful natural glow and help your makeup go on smoothly.

Most of you know I'm apart of an amazing skincare and makeup company called Beautycounter. If you're new and want to find out more, you can read this post to hear about how I got involved! Beautycounter just launched a brand new product: meet our All Bright C Serum. I cannot wait to share this serum with you! I've been using it for the past 2 weeks and I'm absolutely loving it and even seeing results already. The new All Bright C Serum will banish dark spots and brighten your skin. 

Vitamin C is one of the most exciting, research-proven ingredients you can apply to skin. But not all Vitamin C serums are made the same, and Beautycounter's is super special. Here's why:

Beautycounter uses incredibly powerful, safe and & effective ingredients!  


As noted in this Image article, "'Vitamin C has quite a complicated chemistry,' says Dr Coleman,'and because it’s a water-soluble vitamin, it becomes very unstable in water solutions. Additionally, vitamin C doesn’t penetrate the skin easily, it degrades on exposure to oxygen, and it favours a pH around three, which is too acidic for human skin.'"

This is why it's so important that the formulas we use ARE stable, which means the chemists have to find the perfect balance of effectiveness and safety. If you don't add enough vitamin C, it won't give you results. If you add too much, it might irritate your skin. Beautycounter got just the right amount with the ultra-stable dose of Vitamin C they added to this serum.

An Ultra-stable 10% dose of vitamin C includes: 

5% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate: This antioxidant reduces the appearance of dark spots and boosts skin brightening to reveal more youthful-looking skin. 

5% Bis-Glyceryl Ascorbate: A second form of vitamin C, this ingredient provides antioxidant benefits known to protect skin from damaging environmental stressors and helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! 

Turmeric Root Extract: The serum's beautiful, vibrant hue? That's due to turmeric, an antioxidant superstar that helps even skin tone and improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

Camu Camu Fruit Extract: This powerful antioxidant helps reduce the appearance of dark spots while brightening to visually improve signs of skin fatigue. 

Ingredients matter so much, not just in terms of safety but also in the deliverable: good ingredients yield amazing results. This new serum is further proof that you don't need toxic chemicals for a skincare product to be powerful! I admit that I was slightly skeptical about this serum. I've had a dark spot on my cheek for probably 2 years now. In just 4 applications of this, I promise you I see the dark spot lightening slightly each day!

Bonus: most Vitamin C products (that are any good!) can be closer to the $200 range, so our under $100 price point makes me super happy, and of course, it's safe, which a lot of the serums are the market are not.


You'll want to abide by the typical application order:

1. Cleanse - face wash
2. Prep - toner
3. Treat - serum or topical that is working to achieve your skin care goals
4. Protect - moisturizer and eye cream

For me, this looks like the following in the morning:

3. All Bright C Serum (you can also do your normal "treat" step first, then follow with the C Serum after!)

I'm going to be using this for 30 days (already 2 weeks in) and continue use of my favorite Resurfacing Peel at night 3-4 times per week at night (read more about that here!). I'll be sure to report my results to you on Instagram! I have a couple dark spots on my face; the largest of which is on my cheek, followed by some on my upper lip area and my forehead. The spots on my forehead are barely noticeable now, my lip has faded drastically and I can see the spot on my cheek starting to lighten as well. I'm so excited!!

If you need help developing a skincare or makeup routine, just fill out this questionnaire and I'll send you back a customized plan just for you! This is totally free and you're not obligated to purchase anything after I send you the suggestions. You can also sign up for my monthly newsletters here.

One last thing! New to Beautycounter? You'll get 20% off your first purchase :) Just sign up on our website with your email, you'll get your discount code, then can purchase!

Let me know if you have any questions! Do you use a vitamin C serum you love?


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