Farewell, Childhood Home!

Today is officially moving day for my mom and dad! Our family has been in this house since I was 7 years old, so as you can imagine, this move comes with a lot of emotions. I heard once that moving should be hard, because it means you dug in there, you made memories, formed relationships, got attached, felt safe and lived lots of life there. That was certainly true for our family in this house! 

Over the 23 years my parent's have owned this house, we've experienced a lot of joy (we got our first and second dog in this house, hosted birthday parties, graduations and Christmas with family, both my brother and I got engaged while living here and also brought our spouses here to visit, we hosted prom photos, surprise parties, easter egg hunts and a halloween party I will never forget when I was a sophomore in high school), but we've also gone through hard times here, as any family would. 

What stands out to me most, though, is how inside these walls, our family got through everything together. There was so much love, forgiveness, learning about life and growing up here. I will always love this house and always refer to it as home

I was so glad that we got to take a couple of family photos at the house before they moved. I'll always love these!

I thought I would share some photos from the listing, as a way to remember it for years to come!

More details on the living and dining room here.

More details on the family room (before we painted the brick white-- we did that for the listing, but now my parents agree they wish they did it years ago!)

This is my parent's bedroom-- always loved the ceilings and the doors out to the backyard.

More details on their bathroom remodel here.

The guest room (lots of sleepover memories in here!)

My bedroom:

And the backyard. This is probably what we'll miss the most!

Below the deck about 100 feet is a creek (well usually...right now it's dried up!)

Thank you for all the love and memories, pretty house! We hope the new owners love it as much as we did (they do! They're so sweet and excited about it, which makes it feel less sad.) And thank you to my parents, who made this house what it was for us. My mom made it feel so welcoming and my dad made it feel so safe. We're excited to continue making memories together at the new house!

The best is yet to come!


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