Memory Lane: My Childhood Bedroom Designs Through the Years

Boy, do I have a treat for you today! I'm looking back at all the ways I've had my childhood room at my parent's house decorated over the years! These are only the years since I've had a blog (took a deep dive into my blog archive and wow...just wow ;)) but it has still seen a lot of change in just 11 years! I will tell you the design before the blue and green look was just straight up purple everything with huge flowers. Think Limited Too meets Lisa Frank.

Since my parent's are moving this week, I thought it'd be fun to take a look back on this special room. 

This was how it looked in high school. All the walls were blue, with one lime green accent wall. I remember this being very stylish!! Ha ;) You'll see more down below, when the room looked like this, I even staple gunned fabric on the back of the bookshelves to give more color to the room. I distinctly remember thinking "they should pick me for Trading Spaces!" when I did that.

Anyways, in college I switched up the room to something more streamlined and updated. This was a fun one and I'll always remember this room because it was the first time I had anything professionally photographed for my blog!!

Then right before we got married (5 years ago) we redid the room again with a queen bed, so we could actually stay in the room together ;) We toned it WAY down and just went simple.

I refinished this dresser when I did the college mint green makeover. My parents just sold it this week since they don't need it at the new house!

Okay, I have to show you how my bookshelf styling evolved in the room as well (notice the fabric I attached to the walls behind the shelves!) HIGH SCHOOL:

Lastly, I have to show you what I did to my the guest room at their house. After freshman year in design school, I was itching to experiment with color. I told them we needed an accent wall in the guest room and the bright coral from the bedding would be perfect. (I'm dying a little inside right now!) My parent's actually let me do this to their house!!!

But don't worry, we turned it around a couple years later when I graduated college ;)

And then these were the listing photos of the house from a couple months ago:

Guest room...

My room...

BIG thanks to my mom and dad who let me use their home as a total experimental canvas. They never turned down my ideas and always made me feel so good about using my creativity (even when the ideas were, indeed, terrible!) This was so fun (and embarrassing) to look back on. I hope you liked it, too! And if you've been a long time reader...I truly don't know why you stuck around for the first 3-4 years of my blog. HA! Thank you!!

Happy Monday!

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  1. I remember your college update to your bedroom! That was right around the time I discovered and started following you. :) I thought it was so classy, especially the touch of your shoes on the floor by the daybed. Made me dream of making my room more elegant and thinking about details like that. You've always been an inspiration and that coral wall backsplash was SO trendy back then. No shame! All those design choices you've made have only bettered you as a designer and who doesn't want to try a coral wall at least once in their life? I also appreciate your constant pointing towards the Lord. Thank you for being an inspiration and creating a lovely space on the worldwide web, Michaela! :)

    1. Hi Hannah! Aww, you're so sweet. I'm so glad you found me those years ago through this bedroom! I still do love that mint bedroom design-- it was so fun! HAHA, yes, everyone needs a coral wall once ;) Thank you for being here and for your encouragement-- it means so much! xoxo

  2. I love this! So much fun to see the trip down memory lane and also to see how your style has evolved over the years. :) I love that your parents encouraged your creativity and let your personality shine during whichever stage of life you were at. I hope to do the same for my three little girls! Thanks for sharing!

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