Mother's Day Gift Guide

nail polish / soap & tray / sweater
bow necklace / anchor bracelet 
candle / glam print / throw blanket

I was so thankful to spend the last weekend with my beautiful mom at Disneyland and exploring Los Angeles. We had so much fun! If that wasn't our Mother's Day celebration, you can bet I'd get her one of the above things for her special day. Instead, we ate way too many calories at Disneyland {and all the other restaurants we went to-- all of which were so worth it!}, watched an amazing World of Color show, rode our favorite rides, and walked around in 90 degree heat. It was great. 

In years past, I've sent her flowers or gifted her with a gift card to our favorite nail salon. What are you getting your mama this year?! If you haven't gotten anything yet, this little round up might serve as a guide. That candle up there? The absolute best smell I've ever encountered. I think Heaven will smell just like it!

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  1. Lovely gift ideas! Love that anchor bracelet.


  2. Great ideas.Love that you and your mom went to Disney for a celebration.
    In Iceland, where I'm from, we don't really celebrate Mother's day but we have a day dedicated to all the wonderful women in your life. On that day, tradition says that the husband must let his wife sleep a little longer and go make her coffee and bring to the bedside, today we mostly give flowers or something small like that, it's about appreciating the women around you. We also don't have Father's day, but have a day dedicated to all husbands. Back in the day a man was supposed to run around his property with only one leg in his pants (this is in February in Iceland, freezing cold most days). The run also symbolized that he was chasing winter away as that day was counted as the end of winter, the day before spring. After the run he would come in to the warm kitchen and get his favorite cake.
    If I could have my mamma with me on Mother's day I would like to have a girls weekend on the Trikora beach in Bintan, this tiny island in Indonesia. It's pure bliss there, the most amazing beaches, coconuts straight of the trees and nothing but relaxation at their spa.

  3. I love everything here! I have a post ready for tomorrow with some presents I would like to give to my mom and that beautiful flower sweater is on my list!!

  4. Perfect! Especially love that bow necklace. Maybe I'll send Tim this way. ;)

  5. So many goodies! Thanks for including my shop lovely lady :)


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