Summer Dreaming

Let's take a breather and remind ourselves it's Friday. That's always a great thing! Today I'm sharing some images I'm loving. With Summer on the brain {which truthfully, is an issue because I still have another month of school!} I find I'm lingering on webpages with gorgeous outdoor spaces and summer recipes. My oh my, I could stare at these all day...
*images: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight

I long for the day when I have my own home with a cute backyard to entertain family and friends. In my daydreams are luscious plants climbing a trellis, beautiful garden roses, peonies, a fire pit or outdoor pizza oven, some pretty stones for the patio, wrought iron and beige furniture, and just maybe a really awesome infinity pool. A girl can dream! What's on your backyard wish list? Any of the above would do :)

Here are some links for your weekend!
- the cutest gold leaf polka dot DIY
- a little look book post I adore
- Head over heels for this blue rug in one of the prettiest bedrooms around
- Lulu & Georgia launched our newest collection of rugs and they are stunners
- An inspiration pep talk about doing life with God by one of my best friends
- One of my favorite new fashion blogs
- The yummiest of pizza recipes

Enjoy your Friday!
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  1. That first photo is pretty much perfection in my eyes! What I would give for a pool :)

  2. I'm with you! Ready for summer too.... Your images are all pure joy. You've inspired me to garden this weekend.
    Happy Friday....

  3. I am swooning over all of those. My only requirement in our next house is a pool and a large yard! That first picture is my favorite, though!

  4. Oooh, I love that DIY you posted about. LOL. :)

    also, really love the house beautiful photo of the patio furniture on stones with grass growing in between. I bet we could re-create that somewhere in our back yard!

  5. yay friday! thanks for the pretty reminder!
    kw, Ladies in Navy

  6. I'm desperatly in need of sun!
    So thanks for making me dream!!!

  7. I am in full summer dreaming mode too! Dreaming about a great backyard, I so want a pizza oven (to make that fantastic pizza receipe you linked), goregous outdoor furniture, a fire pit, a cute little table to put my wine glass, and maybe a small fountain. A pool is a must.

  8. We dined outside for the first time the other night (both girls were home), and it was lovely!!

  9. LOVE that porch swing! I think we need to have a chat sitting on one. :)

  10. I love these! I just pinned almost all of them. I love sitting outside on summer nights.

  11. Oh my goodness! I've been daydreaming about a tranquil backyard space for our house a lot lately. In my dreams we have a gorgeous stone patio, an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit and a small in-ground pool with lush flower gardens, but of course that's in my dreams!

  12. Aw thanks for the shoutout, Friend!!

    And yes, I sooo wish you could be here too - hanging on my back porch and helping me decorate our babe's room! Thanks to your rec I ordered an adorable print from Third Floor Designs.. Cant wait to show you what else Ive been working on! (:

  13. This looks incredible! I want to be there!


  14. Beautiful outdoor spaces. I especially love the last one with that chandelier and pretty strung lights. I bet that looks so pretty in the dark all lit up. Have a nice weekend Michaela!


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