Happy Halloween!

Me, circa 1993.

I was going to do a round up of my favorite black and gold accessories, but I'm not above embarrassing myself a little bit. Why do that when I could show an old picture of myself? 

Because I'm not dressing up this year, I thought I should show you what I wore when I was 3 :) I was a proud Minnie Mouse lover. In fact, my bedroom had Minnie 'n Me wallpaper and a matching bedspread to go with it, so it was only natural to be her for Halloween. Oh, those were the days! The days when a bob cut and thick bangs were seemingly "in" {thanks mom!} Among other things, I was also a ballerina, cowgirl, and disney princess when I was younger. What can I say?! I loved dresses and sparkly outfits!

This year we're just going to pass out candy, watch a movie and devour my mom's chili that she makes every year on Halloween. It's finally cold around these parts of California, so we'll be bundled up in socks and blankets and drinking hot tea or cider on the sofa.

What were you when you were a little one on Halloween?! Hope you have a wonderful day full of surprises and treats...

Happy Halloween!
PS. I'm at Anna's blog sharing a bit about myself! 


  1. Oh I had some of the best costumes I think; Bubbles from the PowerPuff Girls one year and I think the very next year I was a pink Power Ranger. This is just a peak at how cool of a kid I really was. Haha!
    Happy Halloween!!


  2. You're so cute! Happy Halloween....

  3. Happy Halloween!

    My office dressed up today, so I'm a Harry Potter character :)

  4. So cute! Enjoy the chili!


  5. It finally got colder here in Tucson as well and I am positively giddy! I can't wait to bundle up in sweaters and jackets. Also, thanks for the sweet comment. :)

  6. Precious! I had that same Minnie Mouse hat :)


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