Fashion: Rain Boots and Polka Dots

*photos by Michaela Noelle Designs

DETAILS | Boots: c/o Joules USA; Jeans: Anthropologie; Sweater: Macy's; Socks: Betsy Johnson (can't find them online, but love these ones!) Necklace: c/o Sweet & Spark

Most of you know I went to college in Seattle, and while there I had some serious problems with the first. THEN I decided to just have fun with it, invest in some cute rain boots, oversized sweaters and coats and drink 8 cups of tea everyday.  It worked (most days!) Before I lived in Seattle, I'd never have thought to wear rain boots, but turns out they are super cute, casual, and trendy, especially right now. I only wear mine around in the rain, which isn't a ton living here in California, but when I break them out, I always know it will be a great day.

Joules USA just sent me the above pair of navy wellies with a bow in the back. WITH A BOW. Could it get any cuter?! I just can't wait to wear them next time it rains. I think they're a fun twist to a normal rain boot, and they're so practical. What do you think?!

Are you a rain boot person?!
Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. I love rain boots. They are always super cute - but that bow really takes them to the next level!

    Is your cute polka dot sweater a backwards cardigan? Or does it just have buttons in the back?

  2. Those jeans are adorable. I mean the whole outfit is just fantastic.

  3. Be my personal fashion coordinator. Think about it? ;) So cute.

  4. Going to school in Oklahoma, you would never know what kind of weather you were going to get so rainboots were a must! They works in the rain and they works in the snow with some thermal socks on your feet. SO HANDY! I ended up investing in some crocs rainboots and I love them because they're so light! These are adorable though, I'd love to get my sister some for her time in college.

  5. I know, it doesnt rain in CA much...crazy! But rain boots and snow boots were always a favorite of mine when i lived in ny. These are some very unique boots you have adorable!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  6. These are ADORABLE!!! Love the bow!

  7. I want to wear rain boots!! Darn this beautiful SoCal weather.

  8. I just purchased cute (and shiny!) Tommy Hilfiger rain boots and love them! They are a bit insulated, so I think with a warm pair of socks they will be perfect during my cold, Canadian winter! :)

  9. These boots are the cutest Michaela and the Fall leaves are so pretty. What a gorgeous post!

    Chelsea & The City

  10. Love the rain boots! These are perfect to even wear when the temps dip a little. They sent me a pair too and I'm sharing my look on Monday. Love this line! XO

  11. I've lived in Seattle pretty much my whole life and I'm just now getting into rain boots - they make some really cute ones now compared to 10 years ago. The bow is such a fun, flirty addition.

  12. Those are the most adorable rain boots I've ever seen! I love them!


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