Louisiana State Fair Recap

Last week I went to Louisiana to visit one of my best friends, Megan. Want to know how we met?! Blogging. Yes, you read that right! Last time I went to visit she toured me around her whole state and this time she has a new addition to her family-- little Miss Emory. We did lots of baby stuff and went out to eat a lot, which by the way, is hysterical to do with a 9 month old. 

I can honestly say this was my first state fair. Or fair...period. Whenever I go to visit Megan, I know my trip will be full of firsts, considering she lives in the South and I am from California! It's always a fun time, needless to say :)  This time Megan and her husband took me to the Louisiana State Fair. There was an endless amount of food-- mostly fried food that I couldn't ever imagine eating!-- some games, rides and yep, more friend food. Take a look!

Two things about these pictures: 
1. Emory is the most beautiful baby girl I've ever laid eyes on. I almost took her home with me ;)
2. Fried cheese? Really? Also, fried Oreo's, pizza, cookie dough, cheese cake, and Snickers? I mean, I just can't think about that for too long or I will literally loose it. Ha!

What a fun week it was with these girls. Thank you, Lord, for good friends who are encouraging to the soul, who you could laugh with for days, snuggle sweet babies, and talk about real life things. Life really doesn't get much better than this.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. love the picture of mama and baby...and their coordinating outfits :)

  2. Emory is such a beautiful. Love the pictures. Looks like a great time!

  3. Looks like a great time! Isn't it amazing the relationships that start to form all because of blogging?

  4. Ahhhhh, the fair and all it's fried glory! Hahaha! : ) Love you so so much!!

  5. That fair looks like so much fun and what a beautiful little girl!


    Five Minute Style

  6. Aw so sweet. And I love that you ALL 3 wore polka dots! :)

  7. Gorgeous photos! And fried Oreos is where it's at! I love going to fairs to get them!

  8. Funny. I just left a comment over on Megan's blog about your trip. :) Love the pics...and love your description of what it meant to you. It's a good feeling to have a friend like that.

    It's also good to eat fried cheese. Yum. Lol.


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