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Happy Saturday, ya'll! { I can say that because I'm in Texas today visiting my brother!} While we explore Dallas, meet these two lovely ladies :)

Hey y'all, I'm Caitlin from over at I'm a Transplant From California! I'm a Southern California girl who made the move to a tiny town in New Hampshire four years ago and never looked back. I blog about small town life, DIY, crafting, photography, and whatever else strikes my fancy that day! I run a small photography business as well as being a full time EMT and volunteer firefighter, and love every adrenaline filled minute of my days! Stop on by and have a visit (I'll bring the lemonade)!


Hi there!  I'm Laura Dro an artist and designer and was born and raised by the sunny Atlantic Beaches of Florida.  My love of the colors of the perfect day at the beach are reflected in all my original paintings, prints and paper products.  I consider my artwork to be a breezy and fresh style that feels eclectic and dreamy.  Alongside creating original works of art, I also create patterns for the home and gift industry.  I recently signed on with a fabric company and I am really excited to be designing my first collection of fabric.  

My new series of paintings are unlike anything I've ever created and I am very excited to paint more and watch it grow.  Each piece has a similar color palette and is reminiscent of all my favorite feelings of summer, having a free spirit and always being a lifetime dreamer.  

I am very excited about my the opening of my online store that will be a one stop shop of artwork.  I will have original paintings in all sizes, illustrations, prints and other fun stuff for any art wall!  Coming the end of the summer-check back for more details!  I love my job and feel so blessed to be able to do what I love.  My future goals for my business are to have it continually grow and create fresh and vibrant artwork and patterns.  The idea of having my artwork and patterns decorated in peoples house puts a huge smile on my face and makes me want to create more and more! 



Pay Caitlin and Laura a visit and have a wonderful weekend! Oh, and you can now SHOP my style and favorite finds right here!

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  1. Great sponsor intro's. I'm going to check out their blog's now. :)


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