Fill in the Blank: Life Lately

It's Friday and I'm excited about that. I'm trying something new today, just for fun! I found this little game on Megan's blog, which she took from Bridget's blog. Here we go!

Making: Lots of last minute calls, emails, and appointments before Bloom next week in Atlanta. Also, making memories as this is my first Fall in Michigan!

Drinking: All the tea. Always!
Wanting: A new makeup bag. My current one is deteriorating. It's embarrassing. I'm obsessed with this one
Eating: You don't even want to know, or you'll want one, too. Okay, okay...I'll tell you. Ever heard of a scotcheroo? It's a glorious blend of rice krispies, peanut butter, caramel, chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. 
Smelling: My pumpkin pie harvest candle. All day, every day.
Wishing: For the holidays to get here quickly! I can't wait to see my family again at Christmas!
Enjoying: Watching The Voice as I'm writing this post. Thank you, TiVo! I didn't have time to watch it on Tuesday, so I'm catching up. This show is my new favorite. I may be late to the party, but I'm glad I've finally arrived :)
Loving: Nashville. Do you watch it, too? My bff and I are obsessed. And Fall in Michigan is beautiful; I'm definitely loving that.
Hoping: Snow will hold off until December. I'm frightened. Especially the driving in snow part. #HELPPPP
Needing: A big glass of water. I'm parched :)
Feeling: How much time do we have here?! Just kidding ;) I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with the next week's events of traveling to a new city for our workshop. Sometimes if I get nervous while traveling, I start to feel sick to my stomach. (I figure that since I just threw this out there it won't happen!) I'm feeling hopeful for my interior design business. I'm working with some really great clients right now! I'm feeling grateful for a wonderful church to be apart of.  Homesick is another feeling that comes in waves for me. Some days I'm beside myself with sadness and want to be in the place I love with all the people I love, and other days I'm quite content. And finally, I'm feeling like a pretty blessed gal to have such a caring guy by my side, even through the tough moments of missing home.
Wearing: Really cute (I kid...) old purple sweats from my college days (I just made it sound like I was in college YEARS ago. I graduated in 2013...ha!) and a t-shirt. It's a glamorous picture, I tell you.
Bookmarking:  She Reads Truth! My favorite way to start my day is in the word, and this website and community have blessed me in my time with Jesus. I can't wait to start the series on hospitality on October 27th. Join me?! 
Noticing: How intense I get when I watch Giants games. Seriously...who AM I?! Why am I holding my breath when Posey is up with a 3-2 count? Michaela...breathe. It's just baseball.  Also, three smiley faces in this one blog post. I have a problem.

Now it's your turn-- answer a few of these in the comments so I can get to know you better!

Have a lovely weekend, friends! 


  1. You are too cute :)

    Bloom Atlanta will be fabulous! I totally get you on those nervous jitters, but you'll rock it, I have a feeling ;) And I'm totally guilty of overusing the :) too haha xoxo

  2. California girl to another, isn't Fall literally THE BEST thing in the world?? I've been through 5 so far here but each one never fails to take my breath away! The colors! The leaves! The temperatures! I'm praying the snow will hold off until after Christmas! You'll learn quickly how to drive in the snow (kind of like driving in the rain at home!), and you KNOW that boyfriend of yours will make sure you're safe on the roads!

  3. Whenever I see these posts, I always feel compelled to jot down some of these answers for myself. And for me, I am making lots of pumpkin cookies! Pumpkin snickerdoodles to be exact and I love them. And I agree with your Hoping. I am in MN and want the snow to wait as long as possible into December - the cold can stay away with it :)

  4. Thanks for opening up! Homesickness can be the worst. I have found being incredibly busy (which it sounds like you are!) really helps! Also I now firmly believe it takes about 1.5 years to finally feel at home in a new place, especially when that new place is far from home. I am insanely jealous that you're experiencing a real fall though!!

  5. ah Nashville! I wrote about that in my currently post too ( I love this post format by the way). So much drama...goodness


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