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Thanks for all your excitement over yesterday's shop announcement!

I'm really excited to be back today with our second installment of Home Suite Home. Last week Lauren and I introduced the series and shared some inspiration, and this week I'm sharing our design plans for the living room of the suite. Here is the floor plan, to jog your memory of what we're working with:
I'm excited to be sharing my game plan for the space. Lauren loves the eclectic, Anthropologie-esque look, where layering textures and patterns is always a good idea. I wanted to bring touches of that style in their space. They are keeping their current sofa (which looks a lot like the one in this inspiration board). Lauren wanted to add some cool colors to her suite, while popping it with some brights. I came up with a blue and seafoam/turquoise green color palette, mixed with a little splash of pink here and there (hopefully her husband is OK with that ;)) I love how the rug and curtains both have that swirly shape to it-- they really help the design plan flow.

We will be updating the room by adding the following:
- new pillows
- gallery wall above the sofa (their last name actually starts with an "H" but that wasn't available online, so the "A" is our stand-in!)
- new side table
- lamp for side table
- rug
- curtains
- a pouf for additional seating
- a bookcase/shelf to put near the entry way as another means of storage.

I've created two looks for their living room. Let us know in the comments which is your favorite look! The only differences are the pillows, pouf, and bookshelf for the entry.


SOURCES | Rug / Curtains / Side Table / Lamp 1 / Lamp 2 / Bookshelf 1 / Bookshelf 2/ Pouf 1 / Pouf 2
Gallery Wall: Let Love Guide Print / Landscape / Succulent / Gold Letter / My Heart is Full Print / Flowers
Pillows 1: Navy / Pink / Floral 
Pillows 2: Navy / Pink / Gold

Which is YOUR favorite pillow combo?

Lauren is sharing some pictures of the current living room and how the space functions on her blog, Elle & Co, today, so head over there for more on that!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. LOVE living room #2 the best....I think it feels more inviting and cozy! Looks great!

  2. I think I like #2 best. The darker navy really makes the room seem warm and inviting.

  3. I like pillow combo #1. Why aren't you using pillows from your new shop?!

  4. I really love the feel of #1. It offers a very soft, cozy, and lighter feel with the addition of the white lamp, white pouf, and the feminine touches within the floral print on the sofa. But I really love the touch of sea foam green that is specific to that bookshelf - it seems that it would make for the perfect pop of additional color within the living area! xx

  5. I love # 1! The lighter fabrics and white lamp feels just like Lauren!

  6. I like the pillows and bookshelf in #1 but the pouf in #2! Definitely the bigger bookshelf though! Seminary=gigantic library!

  7. Love the colors! I prefer #2, since I don't like a large bookshelf in the entry, and I adore the texture in the pouf :)

  8. I am loving #1! Such soft and inviting colors and that bookshelf is amazing! (Though I love both!) I think I prefer the pouf from #2, it has such a great texture!

  9. I like the pillows on the couch in 1 but everything else about 2!

  10. I have to say that I adore number 2 :)

  11. Loving #1! Feels more like the aesthetic that matches her website and prints... And I like the taller shelf- can't go wrong with moving the eye vertically in a small space I think. Beautiful job on both : )

  12. Love the cushions in #1 and the accessories in #2 x


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