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Today is our third installment in the Home Suite Home series, where I am helping Lauren, of Elle & Company, decorate her tiny home! Last week we looked at the living room and you put in your two cents on the decor. Today we are focusing on the kitchen and we're going to need your vote again! First of all, here is how the place looks now:

And here is the floor plan, so you can start to put it into perspective: 
The main things Lauren needs in the space is a new table, that will also double as a workshop since there is no room for a desk, some shelving to go above their existing bar cart/island (you can see it against the wall in the floor plan above), and a few simple accessories. Lauren is planning to thrift the pair of chairs for the small table. I can't wait to see what she finds. The back wall behind the refrigerator will be painted in black chalkboard paint. This will help hide the black fridge, and give them a spot to write notes, grocery lists, and quotes they love. This new white table will be just the right size for the little eating nook, and it's currently on sale! #winwin :)

Here are two similar looks I have created for the Suite. Which do you like best?! (The only difference are the clicks and shelves.)



SOURCES: Parson's Table (on sale, perfect for an apartment!) / Chairs / Blue Bowls / Sugar Canister / Vase / Newlywed Cookbook / French Market Cookbook / Dish Towels / Shelf One / Shelf Two / Clock One / Clock Two

 Lauren is having a hard time deciding on the shelves for above the bar cart. Both are great options for different reasons. Which is your favorite look? Vote in the comments!

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Thanks for your input and happy Tuesday!



  1. My favorite is #2! I love adding a bit of an industrial look to a kitchen.

  2. I like the white shelves in #1. (Though I would totally snatch up those industrial ones for my own house!) But the clean lines of the floating shelves maybe make a little more sense in her small space? Also the white matches the white of the bar cart... I know it will be lovely no matter which ones you guys pick!

  3. oh i bet this will be beautiful!! i think i love #1 for that kitchen!!

  4. How fun! I like the clock in 1 and the shelves in 2.. so it is hard to choose. Though I do like that the shelves from 1 coordinate with the table in your mock up. It might depend more on what her thrifted table/chairs look like. Fun post! XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. Definitely number 1 as the shelves blend seamlessly with the table.

  6. I prefer the shelves in #2 but I think the shelves in #1 would a) blend with the table and b) provide a nice contrast to the wood kitchen cabinets. I also prefer the clock in group #1. So #1 it is!

  7. I'm going to be the difficult one - I like the shelves in #1 and the clock in #2 - loving these looks and love the chalkboard wall idea x

  8. love the clean white shelves! i have some in our house & just love them - they're so versatile and can be styled to go with so many different looks!

  9. i love the rustic looking shelves! adds texture and doesn't look too matchy matchy. :)


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