My Boyfriend's First Post: Our 1 Year Anniversary

Last week was my boyfriend and I's one year anniversary. I can't believe it! It seems like I've known him for my whole life, and it seems like we just started dating yesterday, all at the same time. 

I thought it might be fun to invite my guy to the blog today, so you can get to know both of us better! I was a little nervous about handing over the blog to him for the day, but he did good :) (If you've already heard the story of how we met, I'm sorry-- you can skip over it!)

1. The short version of how we met, in McCann's words: 
     We met at Robinette's in late September of last year, I was there because my brother, Jonas, had asked me if I would fill in for a photoshoot he was doing for a friend, Ashley. My oldest brother, Jordan, was actually supposed to be there instead of me, but he had an event for work that night that he couldn't miss so I had to fill in. I really didn't want to go to the shoot, but something told me to just go and suck it up ;)

When we got to the photoshoot, Jonas and I were just standing around, waiting for the female models to be ready and for someone to tell us where to be and what to do. While we were waiting, I noticed Michaela running around, trying her best to get everything in order before the pictures were taken, and I thought to myself, "Wow! She's beautiful!" From that point on, I may or may not have gone out of my way to act extra funny and charming throughout the rest of the night in hopes of getting her attention. I even bought a dozen donuts at the apple orchard we were shooting at, and offered her one. She informed she "Sorry, but I'm gluten-free." Oops

The truth is, I never REALLY "met" Michaela until the next day, because she was busy running around and avoiding me-- she says she was "nervous to talk to me, because I was so cute." I'll take it! After getting home from Robinette's I really wanted to call her, but I didn't know if I should. I received a text from my sister-in-law, who was also a model, giving me the push I needed to call Michaela and ask her to lunch the next day before her flight back home to California. Long story short, I called her that night, asked her out to lunch the next day before she left, and the rest is history :)

Side note from Michaela: When he called me that night, I was freaking out! I couldn't believe he called instead of texted, like most guys would have done. What an assertive guy! I wish you could have seen me on the phone with him-- like a kid on Christmas, I tell ya ;)

2. A few things he has learned about me over the past year:
     I've learned a lot about Michaela in the past year; for one, she loves design, obviously! Her passion for bringing joy to her clients through the great design work she does, and the attitude in which she does it, is truly inspiring. It definitely motivates me to try to do the same in my line of work. The biggest thing I learned early on in our relationship (and love so much about her!) is that she has such a strong faith/relationship with God. That is by far the most attractive quality, and she has many, that I see in her day in and day out. She is very passionate, caring towards others, and understanding in ways that many people are not.

I've also learned her favorite flowers are peonies, her favorite color is lavender (a.k.a purple, in guy-terms), and favorite ice cream is cookies-and-cream. She's a planner by nature (which is probably a good thing to have rub off on me!) and her most annoying habit is the refreshing "ahhh" sound she let's out after nearly every sip of a drink. Apparently, each sip tastes that good.

Side note from Michaela: I've learned that McCann is very caring, super hard working, and a positive, encouraging person. He's also very easy-going and patient; two qualities I hope rub off on me. He loves God and is passionate about leading his group of kids in the youth group at church. He's super smart-- he's a computer engineer-- so he's definitely the "brains" of the two of us. His favorite color is blue (Go Michigan!) and he will basically eat any and all foods at any and all times! Something that kills me is just how quickly he consumes his food. I always tell him to "enjoy it" and he says he did...just very quickly. We're working on it ;)

3. McCann's favorite thing we've done together in the past year.
       My favorite thing that we've done so far this year is our trip to CA over the fourth of July. I was able to fly out to the Lake Tahoe area for the long weekend and visit with her and her family. We went on a great hike early on in the trip and we got a to see a great fireworks show (that was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip since it Michaela and I got to watch the fireworks together from the roof of a truck). On one of the last days we were there, her parents rented a pontoon boat and jet ski for the day and we had such a blast!

Side note from Michaela: this is also my favorite thing we've done in the past year! A close second would be going boating in Traverse City and/or going to the Giants vs. Tigers game in Detroit this summer. 



  1. So cute! Happy Anniversary, you two! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. You two are adorable! Happy Anniversary :)

  3. Happy Anniversary :) You two are so cute ^^
    Have a nice day ♥

  4. So cute! Adorable couple. Enjoy celebrating.

  5. Could you two be any cuter!!?? #no Congrats on such a precious relationship!

  6. You guys are so sweet! I don't think I could ever get my husband to write a post on my blog, he's a keeper ;)


  7. cute guys! can't wait to meet McCann :)

  8. How sweet! What a special thing to have documented

  9. This is so great! I think he did great for writing his first blog post! Cheers to you two!
    Katie @

  10. You two are a very sweet couple. I'm really happy for you Michaela!

  11. You two are adorable - a true friendship and love. I look forward to watching you grow together x

  12. Adorable. Your man did good. ;) So happy for you!


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