7 Ways to Have a Great Day

Last week, I'll be honest, it was a rough week for me. Between some personal things and just the overwhelming amount of work to get done before leaving on vacation on Thursday, and oh-- taxes! -- it was a week I would love to forget. It got me thinking of some ways to start off your day well, and I'm here to share them with you today. Today, being a Monday, seemed like the perfect day to post this one.

1. Make your bed. I bet you knew that was coming :) I'm not sure what it is about this small task that actually improves my mood...but it works!

2. Start the day off with a healthy breakfast. I have toast with peanut butter (it's organic!) and some fruit each morning. This, surprisingly, ties me over for quite a few hours so I'm not hungry on errands, client appointments, etc. Around noon I'll make a green smoothie for a quick pick me up, before I have lunch about an hour later. This helps get me my greens, keeping me healthy (which also totally helps you have a good day)!

3. Take breaks. Whether you're working in an office or from home, breaks are so important. Typically, after a break, my brain can think a little clearer and help me come back to the project I was working on with more creativity.

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4. Speaking of, do something to spark your creativity! Sketch, paint, practice calligraphy, cook a new recipe. Anything like this will help you have a little fun and get your mind doing something different; something you love.

5. Get yourself some fresh flowers. This is a total given, I know! I've been picking up a bouquet of $3.99 tulips each week at the grocery store. They are doing wonders for my dining table and my soul ;)

6. Listen to some new beats. Some of my favorites are Lennon & Maisy, Kari Jobe, Mumford. If I'm working while listening to music, I love Explosions in the Sky

7. Do something for someone else. Plain and simple!

Can you think of anything else?! Would love to hear!

Here's to the start of a great week!


  1. Making the bed really makes a huge difference for me too! I might have to start having your breakfast cause I feel like I get hungry so quickly right now! Hopefully this week is better than last!

  2. I make all the beds in the house every morning, ours and the girls, and if I don't my day feels so off....I also have to straighten the pillows on the couch and the throw blankets too before leaving the house each time! I am also going to have to try your breakfast as it sounds so yummy and a good fill me up! Sorry you had a rough week last week, hoping this week is a great one for you!!!

  3. These are great! I definitely don't do this often, but when I do, my day seems to go much better, exercise in the morning. I would love to get in the habit of this..
    Pretty Lovely

  4. These are great! I loveee getting fresh blooms it honestly makes me excited and happy :) Maybe even starting off with yoga or a workout in the morning to get those juices flowing and your body moving! I love morning workouts and then after work I have the night to myself!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren | LB Designs

  5. Making the bed is such a big one for me. If the bed isn't made then it feels like something is off for the rest of the day!


  6. I REALLY need to get better at making the bed! :)

  7. I would add, getting up early, reading the bible, drinking lots of really good tea, having a cat, calling my mom, getting some freah air, doing yoga, reading a book, going to bed at a reasonable time. :-)
    Sorry to hear you had a rough week, hope this one is going better for you. 💗

  8. <3 this. My week was awful last week too, I hope this one is better! XO -Alexandra

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