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I'm so excited that the day is finally here to reveal Lauren, of Elle & Company's, newly redesigned home! As you might remember, we did a blog series called Home Suite Home, where I helped Lauren design two plans for each space in her little guest suite that she shares with her husband. Our readers helped us choose things for the rooms, and viola! It's done and looking more beautiful, bright and cheery than I could have dreamed. 

Today I'm showing you the living room reveal along with my tips on how to decorate a small space down below.  You can see the design plan for the living room HERE

The goal here was to freshen the walls up, add some color by bringing in a gallery wall full of fun prints and art, add height to the space by buying curtains, bring in some inviting throw pillows, a new coffee table in a lighter wood stain, additional cute seating (hello, white pouf!), new lighting, and cute accessories. Since the suite is small, it was crucial to brighten it up in every way possible.

Photos by the amazing Andrea Pesce Photography

Living Room:
West Elm Scribble Curtains / Entry Wall Chalkboard / Coffee Table / Lamp / Gallery wall art: LandscapeFlowersSucculent"H" LetterElle & Company Library Print / Floral Pillow / Pouf / Rug

Paint: Agreeable Gray, Sherwin Williams


One of the questions I get the most is "what are your tips for decorating a small space?" I thought today was a perfect day to share those tips, seeing as this guest suite that Lauren and Jake call home is a tiny, tiny space!

1. Obviously storage is of upmost importance. I always suggest under-the-bed storage, bookshelves with baskets to hide the clutter (because when you have a little space, you have to go up with your storage!) and ottomans or coffee tables with room to stash things away. 

2. Hang curtains! This is a great way to elongate your walls, tricking your eye into making the rooms feel taller and visually bigger than they actually are. The bold navy scribble curtains are one of my favorite things in Lauren and Jake's home. (A good rule of thumb: hang your curtain rod halfway in between the top of your window the ceiling line, not directly over your window if possible!) 

3. Decorate with mirrors and other objects that reflect light. If you're in a small space, try strategically hanging a mirror opposite a window. This will do double duty, reflecting the natural light and making the space feel larger. Also, be sure to have enough artificial ambient and task lighting in your space. 

You can catch the whole home tour, as well as other tips, over on Glitter Guide today. 

We are thrilled to have the tour featured! Also be sure to check out Lauren's blog for tips on how to get creative in thinking up new blog series, collaborations and features. She is so insightful! Our amazing photographer, Andrea, is also sharing photography tricks on how to take great photos in a small space with little lighting on her blog. She is fabulous! I will be showing you the rest of the home tour in the weeks to come, so stay tuned.

What do you think of the living room?!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Michaela you have such an incredible eye for what you do! It was an honor to work along side you on this project and I'm already itching to recruit your services for my new house!! :D

  2. Beautiful! What is the wall color?

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  4. Oh it came out beautifully! I love what you did with the great pops of color on the neutral background. Even though this is a rental for them, I'm sure they now want to stay long term! Congrats on your glitter guide feature as well!

    I read on Lauren's blog that you reached out to several companies to see if they would want to sponsor the project. Did they end up giving you the items for free?! Do you have any tips on contacting and communicating with different companies in that regard? I'd love to get my 5th wheel re-designs sponsored with some discounted (or free!) cork flooring!

    Thanks Michaela & again congrats on the beautiful feature!

  5. I see the sources for both the living room and dining room but I don't see the dining room pictures! Are the posted elsewhere?! Beautiful!

  6. Beautiful room! Great job, Michaela!

  7. Eee! Im so excited this has finally been posted! I love love the living room, it's so inviting, bright & happy :)

    Cant wait for more! Great work, beautiful as always :)

    Lauren | LB Designs

  8. This living room is so gorgeous! You did such a great job! I love all the clean bright colors!


  9. I love how this space turned out! I love how bright & airy it is - so perfect for a tiny space!

  10. Great job! I love the final look and cant wait to see the rest :)


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