Behind the Blog: 13 Facts About Me

I'm taking a break from regularly-design-scheduled-programming today, because I've had this post topic on my blog calendar for months, but it kept getting pushed back. I know I LOVE reading about the bloggers behind my favorite blogs, so I thought I would share a few things about me, that you may or may not know. Ready? Here we go!

1. I'm a plain eater. Some (my boyfriend) call it "picky", but I just like to think I know what I like and I'm a Plain Jane. 

2. I have a younger brother (but I actually look up to him a ton!) We have a pretty close relationship and I love it.

3. I moved to Michigan to live closer to my boyfriend. I met him at a photo shoot (read all about it HERE). It's definitely been an adjustment moving across the country. Some days I am downright sad, other days I'm cursing this weather, but I'm always grateful that God allowed us to meet and told me to "go". Sometimes the hardest, biggest moves in life are the ones that teach you the most.

4. I was approached by a American Dream Builders (the TV show hosted by Nate Berkus), I auditioned, and was called back for a second audition. I got cold feet and was fearful I would be portrayed poorly or not have the skills needed to go on the show, so it didn't end up working out, but wow, was it fun to be considered!

5. Vacuuming is by far my least favorite household chore. The vacuum is heavy and just the thought of getting it out of my closet makes me want to throw a fit!

6. Sometimes my clean laundry sits in my dryer for days. It's basically just another dresser to hold my clothes ;) #lazy

7. I'm a creative person, but not in the kitchen. Give me the recipe and I can try my hardest to follow it (sometimes I even mess up meals this way!) but don't tell me to "season to taste" or "add a little of this and that..." I'm trying to cook more so I can get the hang of it! Leave me your favorite recipe a sister out ;)

8. I have been blessed with three very dear, trusted friends. I've never been one to have tons and tons of friends at once. I love investing in a couple of close friends who encourage me and make me into a better person, by God's grace. No words even begin to explain the sweetness of a close friendship

9. The pillows on my sofa are always chopped. Don't ask me why-- maybe it was design school or the fact that I have a tiny bit of self-diagnosed OCD? I have to say though, even if the rest of my apartment is a little messy, the pillows being fluffed makes me breathe a sigh of relief. (I'm glad my friend Courtney agrees :))

10. I have snacks in my purse at.all.times. Ask my mom and she'll tell you I've always done this. I think I have a slight fear of being somewhere, getting very hungry and not being able to find food. Granola bars, fruit strips, or crackers are my usuals.

11. Getting on Instagram and scrolling through the thousands (seriously, how do I follow that many people?!) of gals on there can admittedly make me feel inferior, less than, and ultimately, jealous. I really try to limit the amount of time I let myself spend on that social media, because the second I see a room, an outfit, or a picture of a couple on a date that one-upped our date last weekend, I start thinking ugly thoughts like "if only I had her style, if only I had more money to buy more designer clothes like her, I wish WE could go on fancy dates like that..." Friends, it's not good. And you know what? I think a lot of what we see on Instagram is a really inaccurate portrayal of reality. I am guilty of it, too. All of that to say, I try to limit my time on social media in order to protect my heart from those ugly feelings, because they are a real struggle.

12. While I'm a people-person and absolutely love to talk with people, meet new people, and be in fellowship, I recharge my batteries by being alone. I love peace and quiet. And on that note, I'm a hardcore homebody. My little home is my happy place!

13. I was a naughty little girl in my younger years-- I was sassy and would boss my little brother around like nobody's business (I forced him to play school with me on my big whiteboard in the garage. I was always the teacher and even got the neighborhood kids to be my "students", too. Poor kids!) However, something clicked when I grew up and I was never really a sassy or rebellious teenager. If you can believe it, I never had a drop of alcohol before I was 21! My mom says she's glad I went through my crazy stage before I turned 13 ;)

Now it's your turn! Tell me a little about yourself in the comments!

Happy Monday!


  1. I too prefer to have just a few friends at a time. It lets me be better friends to each of them. I also was a rather bossy child (and older sister) but never rebelled as a teenager... Maybe that's why!

  2. Reading personal "get to know you" posts about other bloggers is my favorite! Thank you for sharing :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  3. I get very jealous of people on Instagram too, there just seems to always be someone with something nicer than you! Just need to remember how lucky I am!!! I love you fun facts!

  4. Love reading more about you!! Yes to the snacks, a must!!

  5. Such a fun post! #1 and #6 are so me, pickiest/most plain eater around and my poor clothes live in my dryer longer than they live in my closet, ha! Also, your outfit in that picture is look gorgeous!!!

  6. I love these posts and I think it's safe to say most of us are jealous of you, too! Although I have to say, I only follow 3 blogs these days and this is one of them because you write with so much grace and it's always interesting to see your projects and peeks of your life. I think you have reached the balance of honest-yet-professional - hard to achieve! xx

  7. I can relate to a lot of these especially on number 11. It is not a good feeling, jealousy. I don't usually comment on your post but I read your post all the time.

    By the way if you want good recipes that are easy to follow visit and her youtube account. You'll never regret it. Her recipes are superb and easy to follow. If you don't her yet, visit her.

  8. These are great, Michaela! I feel like I have a better picture of you in my mind now. And I'm with you about Michigan weather, girl! I've been suffering along over here in Ohio. I'm sure the beau appreciates that move! :)


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