Client Progress: Pillows with Personality!

You might remember back to a few weeks ago when I showed you some progress on one of my client's living rooms. If not, you can check out the post here. Today I'm excited to show you the finished pillows for the room, made by my grandma. Together, we run a custom pillow cover shop. You can buy ready-made pillows in our Etsy shop, Lilac & Grace, or you can hire me to help you find custom fabric, then my grandma will sew them especially for you. She's an amazing seamstress and also an interior designer! It's fun to share this passion with her.

Anywho, back to the client reveal. My client, Brittani, wanted to keep their dark gray leather sofas and because the walls are also a deep gray (something she might change later, but is keeping for now) really wanted to find a way to brighten up the living room. After hearing about what colors and patterns they wanted to corporate, we sourced tons of gorgeous fabrics for them to choose from. After I presented all of them, we landed on these beauties! I can't believe what a huge difference the pillows make in the space. 

We did two, solid turquoise pillows for this pair of patterned chairs:

We chose a colorful, floral feature fabric, accented with a subtle ikat chevron print and a solid seaglass pillow.

On one side of the living room is the staircase down to the basement. There's a ledge at the middle landing, so we brightened it up with some mirrored frames

I absolutely LOVE this print! 

The couple's sweet pup, Elsie, couldn't help but jump in one shot :) She loves the pillows, too!

The custom draperies are arriving this week (also made by my grandma) and once they are hung, we will be back with the final room reveal. I can't wait to show you!

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Happy Tuesday!


  1. Wow! The pillows add so much light and color to the space. I especially love the two blue pillows on the grey chairs - so pretty to look at!

    - Anna (

  2. This living room is absolutely gorgeous! You did an amazing job!



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