Bridesmaid Dresses You Can Wear Again

Muted blue and mauve hues with different styles

Bridesmaid style is one of the many hot topics of wedding planning. People usually ask what your bridesmaids are wearing right after they ask you what your wedding color palette is! With so many ways to dress your maids and really no rules anymore, it's a fun way to bring out your style even more and incorporate a unique look into the day.

Here are a few of my favorite looks for maids:
- Different hues in the same palette (monochromatic with varying tints and shades)
- Dresses with texture and pattern
- Every girl in the same dress in varied colors
- Every girl in the same dress AND same color
- Same color, but different dress style

The options are endless! Take a peek at some killer combos:

Pink embroidered

Purple floral

Short gold 
Different styles and colors

So, where do you find these bridesmaids gowns and how do you achieve a look the girls can wear again?

It's a running joke, isn't it? "And you can TOTALLY wear it again!" We've all heard it, but only sometimes is it true. Here are my top favorite bridesmaids dresses and gowns:

one /  two  / three / fourfive / six / seven / eight / nine /

Florals are super in right now and spoiler alert-- you just might see some floral in my bridal party! These floral gowns, along with any of the maxi's really, can easily be worn again to a brunch, church, or any summer gathering. The short gowns can also be worn to other weddings or fancier events.

If you're married or planning your wedding, share what your maids wore! Can't wait to hear.

Happy Wednesday!


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