Wedding Bliss: Choosing Color Palettes

monochrome / analogous / complimentary 

Wednesday is one of my favorite days around here because it means we get to talk about weddings :) Today it's all about choosing a color palette. This is often one of the most daunting things about wedding planning and it's surely one of the first questions people ask you when you get engaged. "What are your colors?" I right?! Choosing colors can be a great starting point to the whole wedding planning process. 

Here are some tips when narrowing down your colors:

- Go with what you love! This may be obvious, but don't choose colors that aren't your favorite, just because someone else is pushing for them. You need to be happy with the palette.

- Look to your venue for inspiration. This is true for all details of your wedding, but perhaps the colors and feeling of your venue will spark your inspiration for the colors you use. Our venue is outside, so I'm incorporating a lot of greenery into our centerpieces and bouquets, with pops of our main colors-- lavender, navy and blush.

- Take note of the season. If it's an October affair, deep purples, berry colors and gold would be beautiful for fall. If it's springs, perhaps coral and yellows would be a nice sorbet color palette!

- Use the color wheel! As a design major in college, I know how helpful of a tool this can be. If you know you want to use pink as a color, but don't know what to pair it with, look to the right, left, and across from pink on the color wheel to find good matches. My favorite color palettes are monochromatic, which uses one hue in a variety of tints and shades; analogous, which combines colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel; and complimentary, which is a more bold looking using colors directly across from one another on the color wheel. Pretty examples of these three palettes are above. 

- Think about contrast. Do you want stark contrast? Do you want everything to be in the same shade across the board? For me, I wanted light and airy colors (lavender and blush) but then also wanted to balance those out with a splash of a darker contrast (navy). 

What were your wedding colors?

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Happy Wednesday!



  1. Love your tagline for your blog! Great post, too!

  2. Such good advice about going with what you love! I see brides sometimes trying to choose things that are way outside their typical color preferences and it becomes a struggle! I suggest peeking in their closets to remind themselves what colors they gravitate to naturally! :)

    1. Such good advice, too! I think Emily Henderson would approve of that also-- she used to have a show on HGTV where she'd look at people's personal fashion style and interpret that in the design of their home. :)

  3. Great advice! You need to like your colors before deciding on them, I think a lot of Brides dismiss the importance of their wedding palette in order to please someone else. They always regret it!

    1. Agreed! Never good to go with someone else's choice just to please. Maybe you can compromise in another area, but not on something like color palette, which is so prominent for your big day! ;)


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