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My life has recently centered around making plans (moving plans, workshop plans, our next living situation and decorating ideas, plans to travel to CA for my brother's wedding, and wedding plans of our own!) It's a little exhausting, and I'm really excited for the days when we get to breath out a big sigh of relief. But since I am going through moving right now, I thought I would give you my best moving tips. Please add to them in the comments-- I'm all ears!

1. Start Early! 

I knew what a stressful process moving was (I've done it quite a bit!) so I knew I needed to start really early in order to stay calm ;) About 3 weeks before moving out, I started cleaning out all my closets and decluttering. That brings me to my next point!

2. Declutter & Perge!

There's nothing I love more than decluttering; possibly to a fault. My fiance has to remind me not to be wasteful. For some reason I love going through my closet at the end of each season and giving away clothes I haven't worn that year. I find great joy in throwing away papers and things that are of no use anymore, and going through a closet only to have a few items return. Going through all my clothes, closets, drawers, and cupboards was the best thing I did prior to packing.

3. Be as Organized as Possible.

In order to make the UNpacking less chaotic, I made sure to label my boxes really clearly. I was also conscience of only putting things that grouped well together in one box. So all kitchen stuff went in their own boxes, while all bathroom stuff went in another box. I labeled the outside with the room it will go in, then even wrote a few of the things in the box under that. Since I have 3 weeks before I get to move into the new place, this will be really helpful!

4. Remind Yourself this is a Process.

Something I did not do well last time I moved (the big move from CA to MI) was thinking that everything needed to be done and perfectly decorated ASAP. This time around, I'm going to remember that it's a process, and give grace to myself and my fiance in the moving process. I want to take a lot of time to thoughtfully think of where art and our decor should go, and also think intentionally about what new pieces we will need. This is going to be our first place together once we're husband and wife, so I want it to reflect McCann's style as well. Should be interesting fun ;) This does not have to be done overnight. In fact, it shouldn't be!

If you're interested, this post talks about my slow decorating process and journey.

What moving tips have you learned through the years?!


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  1. We move a lot too and you hit all the best points on the head! I laughed out loud about it being interesting to share McCann's style -- I did that much more in the beginning and I still ask if Cam likes something (and I don't decorate everything in soft pink, ha!) but mostly he just lets me have free reign! Takes a few years for them to hand it over, realizing "a happy wife is a happy life" ;) So excited for you my sweet friend!!


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