Our Trip to Magnolia Market

It was no question that I'd be joining the family to celebrate my brother's college graduation from Baylor in Waco, TX this year. I'll give you a second to guess why! ;) (Just kidding, I would have gone no matter if Magnolia Market was in town or not!) This was, however, extra reason to go! We went to the market on a Friday afternoon and because it was graduation, I was expecting a massive line around the block. To our surprise (and pleasure!) there was no line at all. We walked right in! I think this was because a commencement ceremony was in progress.

First we walked around the property. Did you know that Magnolia Market is WAY more than just one little market on the property? You (well, at least I) could spend an entire day here, especially once the bakery opens. Under the Silos is a covered eating area with a local ice cream truck. It was called Heritage Creamery and goodness, it was delicious! Straight ahead there's a massive lawn with lawn games and then beyond that are the black and white awnings with more seating underneath. All around the premise are these local food trucks, filled with amazing food! I got a grilled cheese at the grilled cheese bar and then a strawberry Arnold Palmer at the coffee / tea truck.

Of course the entire area is gorgeous and has pretty flowers. Joanna knows how it's done!

After we took pictures outside, my mom and I went in the market and subsequently got lost in time. I had a serious "moment" in there. I couldn't believe I was really there! Needless to say, #bestdayever.  The market was much bigger than I imagined. And although it was filled to the brim with people, the store wasn't cluttered at all! That's what I loved most. It didn't feel like an old antique shop stuffed with tons of well, stuff. It was thoughtfully designed and laid out. If there weren't so many people, I would have felt totally relaxed ;) All the items had their place and the store was separated into zones. There was a flower market zone with pretty fake flowers and plants, right next to that was the bath section with beautiful smelling soaps, a kitchen / entertaining area, wood signs, metal signs and chalkboard signs section, home accents (like vases and such) and an apparel zone. 

Take a peek at some of the shots I was able to get!

This installation is on the wall right when you walk in.

Be ever blooming. I love that :)

Even with a store full of people, everything is well styled. 

Here's the kitchen area with cookbooks and more! 

A whole wall was dedicated to big metal letters. 

Some apparel and their famous Magnolia Wreath.

This wall was so fun. Fake flowers taped with washi tape to the wall. So creative and whimsical!

Also, it said Bloom, so how could I not take a pic :) 

Loved all their fun signs... 

Chalkboard signs! I got the one with a basket attached to the fa right.

Back outside again! They are opening a garden shop really soon. I can't wait to see what will be in there!

The bakery, Flour, is almost done, too! It's on the same property, right across from the market. Isn't it charming?!

It was such a fun day at Magnolia! I only wish I could have met Chip and Jojo ;) Hopefully I'll make many more trips to there in the future, but for now, I can shop online.

Check out my Instagram today to see what I bought at Magnolia!

Have YOU been to the shop yet?!

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