Maui Honeymoon: Part 1

Aloha! We are back from our honeymoon in Maui. I can't believe it's over! It was absolutely the best trip. Gorgeous, relaxing, so fun, and we got to experience it all together! I'm going to be showing you snippets of our trip over the next few weeks. Then in the last post, I'll have a comprehensive list of everything we did, what we ate, etc. Here are some snaps from our first few days in Maui.

We stayed at the Westin for the first half of our trip on Kaanapali. It was beautiful and we loved all the pools / scenery. Our room was furnished so nicely and had a beautiful bathroom. Here are some of the grounds:

There were a few flamingos in the streams. Such pretty colors!

A swan, then Bob the parrot. I laughed so hard because the other two parrots at the hotel had Hawaiian names, and then there was...Bob ;)

The beautiful coast:

One of the pools and waterfalls at the resort:

This was the sunset from our first night on the island. We were in shock! I remember sitting at dinner saying "is this real life?!" It was the most red the sky got the whole time we were there. 

The view from our room at sunset the following night (they upgraded us because we were on our honeymoon-- so sweet!)

The sunsets continued to be incredible. Here's the start of one...

Us after dinner at Leilani's, one of our very favorites, thanks to the gift card from my parents! McCann had surf and turf and I had a filet...yum!

I couldn't get enough of the ocean and that pastel sky...

This striped maxi is from Athleta. It's no longer available, but gosh I love it! So comfy.  They do have some other dresses on sale now!

My handsome husband:

Our first few days on the island were spent relaxing, eating amazing food (we ate at the Westin hotel restaurant and at Leilani's for nights one and two), sitting by the pool, the ocean, and getting our tan on. Can't wait to show you some of our zip lining adventures next week! It was my most favorite part of the trip. 

Stay tuned next week!
Have a wonderful Tuesday




  1. Looks so magical!! Glad you two had so much fun relaxing and soaking up the first days of your marriage!! xo

  2. Looks amazing...I'm so glad you guys had a great trip!! I was thinking about you so much!!!!! xo ;)

  3. Marriage looks good on you!! Your honeymoon looks gorgeous!

  4. Happy Honeymoon! It looks like it was a great holiday. I wanted to go to Hawaii for my honeymoon but we decided on a tour around the USA instead. Maui is on my must see list for our next holiday :)

  5. Yay!!! What beautiful photos - you just can't beat the ocean and sunsets (and lovebirds on honeymoon!) x

  6. Congratulations my dear! You have been on my mind, I hope you are savoring every moment of married life! <3


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