Maui Honeymoon: Part 3

Alright readers, this is the last honeymoon recap! I'm sure you're ready for it to be over ;) Don't you worry, these recaps will soon be replaced with wedding recaps...hooray! I can't wait to share all the pictures. 

For the last half of our trip, we stayed at the Sheraton on Kaanapali. The first half was spent at the Westin. Both were beautiful-- we made a little pros and cons list of both incase anyone is planning a trip...

Westin Pros:
Beautiful, newly renovated rooms, super cozy sheets!
Resort-like feel with many pools 
Many restaurants 

Westin Cons:
A lot more people than the Sheraton
The pools were freezing!
Smaller room

Sheraton Pros:
Large room, amazing ocean view (we upgraded to an ocean view when we got there)
Gorgeous landscape and resort feel
Less people, more relaxing!
Right by Black Rock, so you get to see someone jump off the rock every night at sunset.

Sheraton Cons:
Not quite as nice furnishings in the rooms
Only 2 pools
Fewer restaurants

Anyways! Here are some more pictures from the trip:

I loved this adorable dress coverup (it's a rash guard too!) It's the cutest bright color, perfect for Hawaii. It comes in a few other colors and prints as well!

One of the things many people told us to do on Maui was the Road to Hana. Because I get car sick, we didn't do the whole road :( BUT we did do the first 30 minutes. It was beautiful view after beautiful view! We arrived at Twin Falls and did about a 30-45 minute hike up to this gorgeous waterfall. I will say, I got a TON of bug bites (they just love me...of course my husband didn't get any!) but the view was worth it.

McCann floating in the water...

After our short hike, we quickly changed clothes and went to Mama's fish house. It was absolutely amazing! So so expensive (sheesh!) but honestly, worth it. My husband got a mahi stuffed with crab and said it was the best thing he ever ate! I don't eat fish (I know, it's crazy) so my options were very limited ;) I had a steak stir fry, served inside a papaya, with veggies and a side of rice. Also exceptional, but spicy!

We took some pictures outside the restaurant, because it was so beautiful and covered in palm trees.

Our last night in Hawaii was spent watching the sunset at the resort, taking a few pictures on the beach, then going to one of my favorite restaurants on the island called Fridas. It was a Mexican restaurant and it was delicious. We can ALWAYS go for Mexican food, so it was a great last night.

I got this dress to take on our honeymoon, and I'm SO glad I got it. It's light weight and so flowy. It's sold out in blue, but it's available in pink and it's on sale for half the cost! Get it here!

Aww...I just love this guy.

Our last Maui sunset for a while...

As we celebrated 1 month of being married -- so cheesy, we know -- we are both so, so thankful for this first month of marriage. We are being refined, learning about each other and ourselves. God has been so gracious to us. We love being married!

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  1. Next time, I highly suggest trying the Westin Ocean Villas just north of Black Rock. It's AMAZING. The beach is so much quieter than the busier Kaanapali area south of Black Rock, the snorkeling is EXCELLENT, the rooms have full kitchens, the pools are great (especially for kids, but also for adults), and the restaurants are very nice.


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