Maui Honeymoon: Part 2

This week I'm sharing some more honeymoon recaps with you! If you missed the first post, check it out here.

We planned our trip so that every other day we were doing something activity-wise, and the off days were just resort / beach days. It worked out so well! On the second full day we were on the island, we went zip lining which was my personal favorite outing of the trip. The views were amazingly beautiful, the guides were hilarious and it was so fun to swing all the way across crazy green mountains. Here is a picture of me coming in to land. It was SO fun! We took some go-pro footage, so once I figure out how to upload it all together and make it in one movie, I'll share it ;)

Our view from the top of the trail:

Real fashionable helmets ;)

One of the other super fun things we did was go to a luau. We went to the Feast at Lele in Lahaina. With more food than you can imagine, a really cool show, fire dancer (and fire was nuts!), an open bar, and gorgeous views, this was another of our favorite experiences. Here are some pictures from that night...

Delicious guava drink!

Such a cool show with fun dances in between our 5 course meal...

The view:

Can't wait to share the rest of the pictures next week! And hopefully some wedding pictures really soon, too!




  1. More dreamy pics - what happy memories x

  2. I loved all the recaps, but especially thrilled with how happy you two are!!! You're both too cute for words, and hooray...looks like he's a good photographer, too! ;) #bloggerhusband


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