Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Collection for Target

Happy Monday!! Hope you had a great weekend! My family was in from California and Dallas this past week / weekend, so we had a great time with them. When your family is spread out over the country, it's always a treat to just be with them. 

Okay, so BIG news! You've probably heard, but Magnolia's collection for Target, called Hearth & Hand, is in stores AND online! This isn't like the Lilly Pulitzer sale where once the pieces are gone, they're gone. This is an on-going collection, which is even better news, because this girl doesn't have time for mean ladies at Target raging for some Magnolia stuff ;) However, I did go to my local Target and the people there said there was a line out of the door at 8am when they opened! I got a few things, which I'll show you below, but man I wish I had just purchased a few things online instead of going to the store and seeing that half the collection was gone. Of course, these things will be out of stock temporarily, but they'll all be back shortly (I think-- that's what the lady there told me!)


Those bud vase houses are so cute-- clearly I love anything that's in the shape or pattern of a house! I also adore the welcome doormat. I think it works for all seasons, but is especially cute for the holidays as it sort of has a ribbon look to it. The lamb ear wreath is so sweet! It's 24", which is a great size! I ordered this one with bells and plan to layer it over a wood sign in our living room, draped with a gingham ribbon or something festive. I got the above plaid pillow to add to our couch as well! It's more of a navy, white, and gold pattern. The brass floor lamp is another favorite of mine, as it has that schoolhouse / farmhouse look. You could nestle that up to a reading chair to create a cozy nook!

If you're looking for a few things to fancy up your Thanksgiving table, I fell in love with the brass Gather napkin rings!!

I'll show you a picture of my loot on Instagram today!

Did you go to Target to check out the new Hearth & Hand collection?! If so, tell me what you got!

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  1. Yes, I might have shopped the collection rather extensively! I love almost every piece! My favorite purchases are the cocoa pot with the creamer and sugar bowl. It looks great in my hutch. I also really love the black house shaped lantern I bought. I got the small size and might want to get the medium one too, I think they look great side by side!


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