Our 2017 Gingham Christmas Tree

Welcome to the little tour of our Christmas tree! We actually got our tree the weekend before Thanksgiving (I know, sue me!) because we're going to be in California for Christmas this year with my family and wanted to enjoy our own tree before leaving for a few weeks. I shared our Christmas tree inspiration with you a few weeks ago, so it's fun to see that come to life! 
This year our color scheme is black and white, red, with lots of gold and silver accents (don't be afraid to mix metallics!) I found this ribbon on etsy and am so impressed with the quality. I just love gingham, so it makes me so happy whenever I catch a glance of it!

We always start with a base of simple gold and silver ball ornaments that I found at Walmart last year. They were so cheap and plastic, but they look like real glass-- it was a great find! Then this year we layered with red ornaments I found in the Hearth & Hand collection for Target by Magnolia. I also found this cute red, wooden garland that says "merry christmas", so I placed that in the middle of the tree. It doesn't read as well in pictures as it does in person! The plaid pillow is found here. 

Then of, of course, we layer with our personal ornaments. We both have some ornaments from our childhoods (I have a TON back home but haven't brought them to Michigan yet), so we put some of those on and then each year, my husband and I have given each other ornaments as well. It's a sweet tradition that we'll also do with our kids when we have them!

Just a few favorite ornaments...

I even coordinated our wrapping paper with the tree this year...maybe taking it too far, but I can't help myself. I've got designer blood running through me! You may recognize this house paper from the Hearth & Hand collection as well. Clearly I scored some things when the collection came out! I couldn't pass it up...when something has houses on it or is in the shape of a house, I have no willpower. It must come home with me ;)

So I got the house paper, the red herringbone paper and then one other festive paper from my friend Carleigh Courey, which I'll show you soon! The gingham ribbon will make appearances on a few presents, just to tie everything together.

Side note: keeping a puppy out of a christmas tree is hard work!

I'm loving my new "gather" ornament from my friend Heidi of Feather & Birch! It's so cute and a great reminder to gather your loved ones and invite people into your home this season.

This was the ornament I gave McCann last year to represent our honeymoon in Hawaii!

Some festive throw pillows with the colors from our tree tie in perfectly. 

I might add a little wreath or greenery to the big wood sign there, but not sure yet. Maybe some mistletoe! :)
Have you put your tree up yet? I'd love to hear about it!
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  1. Your tree is beautiful. I would say that our tree definitely used to have more of a theme, but now, I would say it's more "family eclectic." We have our base ornaments in shades of blue, but then the majority of the ornaments after that are ones made by the kids. Each year, I tell them that if they don't want to hang a particular one because it get's squashed in the boxes or they are sick of it, that's fine. However, each year, they keep putting them up! And call me sentimental, but my tree skirt doesn't match. It's a quilted one my grandma made years ago. I figure it's mostly covered up with presents anyway, so it doesn't matter if it "matches." It's important to me, and that's the way I want it.

    And side note... If you think keeping a puppy out of a tree is hard work, try a 1.5 yr old toddler! That's one of the reasons our ornaments start halfway up the tree. It's here she or her dog siblings can't whack them off! Our garland goes to the bottom, though.

    1. Hi Nicole! I LOVE that! My parents tree always has allll of our childhood ornaments on them and it's so special (and hilarious) to look at them every year! I bet your tree is really charming!

      Oh I'm SURE that the toddler is worse than the dog ;)

  2. It looks so warm. The tree makes christmas really perfect. robe de mariée pas cher

  3. Love the wrapping paper! Your style is amazing!


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