New Abstract Art in Our Bedroom

I'm so excited to show you a new addition to our bedroom! Growing up, I had a sweet friend named Rachel. We went to elementary school together until 3rd grade and then I switched schools, but we still kept in touch because we sung in choir and did musicals together at our church. I'm not kidding when I say I could have called her profession as a child, because she was such a great artist, even at a young age. Now she is an amazing painter, specializing in abstract art! I just love seeing friends using their talents so well in their business. 

Rachel developed a really unique niche for her art. While she can paint anything, she loves doing abstract paintings of YOUR photos! I just had her do a painting of one of our wedding photos and I love how it turned out so much. I feel like this is such a great statement piece of art, but it has meaning behind it! If you feel sort of weird about hanging wedding photos all over your house, this is a great way to still display gorgeous, meaningful art, but without plastering your faces on your walls (I, for one, don't happen to mind that ;))
The splash of color this painting adds to our neutral walls is greatly welcomed. 
This was the painting Rachel used as her inspiration:

This is the final artwork:

Thanks, Rachel! I love our new art, especially because it was created by you! 

Are you a fan of abstract art?! If so, you can message Rachel on her etsy shop or email her at rachelwadlowart@gmail (dot) com to commission her to make one just for you. She even does mini prints!
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  1. This is gorgeous! What a beautiful way to capture a memory.

  2. Wow! This is stunning! Love the colors!

  3. I love abstract art. I have a few pieces in my own home. This piece looks gorgeous in your room.


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