Kauai Open House Tour

When we were in Kauai about a month ago, my parents set up a couple tours of open houses nearby, since it's their dream to live there one day! It was raining outside, so it was a great pastime. There was a house in particular that I just LOVED so I thought I'd show it to you here. The owner had quite the eye for design. It was a sea of blue, turquoise and pops of other hues to brighten it up. Perfectly coastal and beachy, but without being cheesy!

Here's the living room:

I loved the coral prints framed around the TV. It helps distract from the TV, which is a great eye-trick!

This coffee table was incredible! I also loved this gorgeous coffee table book. I think I want it for myself one day :)

The one thing I felt was too much was the rug. I could have done with a neutral rug, myself ;)

The kitchen had been newly redone with quartz counters, marble subway backsplash, and a really cute shell chandelier over the breakfast nook.

I loved this little wall with fish plates. I'm not a fan of fish normally but this was so fun and appropriate for Hawaii!

This is the half bath. Is this not the craziest mirror you've ever seen? I found it online and linked to it below incase anyone wants to drop $3,300 on a mirror ;) Ha! I couldn't believe it. It does make a big impact!

This is the master bedroom upstairs.

The Master Bath had this pretty waterfall feature over the tub.

This was the second bedroom. It's hard to pull off complimentary color palettes (colors across the color wheel from one another, like orange and blue, green and red or yellow and purple) but this homeowner made it work!!

The bathroom off this room was sweet, too. Coastal and chic.
Get the look: 

Not the first thing I'd want to do in Hawaii, but definitely a great rainy-day (more like tropical storm...) activity!

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  1. Such an interesting, cool house! Coastal-yet-not-cheesy is right up my design alley. Do you think your parents will end up moving there someday?

    1. They really want to, so they keep looking into it when they go visit for vacation! How fun would that be?! ;)

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