Spring Touches in our Home

Happy Monday! What'd you do this weekend? We enjoyed an amazing sunny day here in Michigan on Saturday, so we took advantage and went to the dog park, then did some chores around the house, my husband went golfing (his new summer hobby:)) and after we made dinner, we took Lincoln to the lake to walk around a little and we got ice cream at our favorite place!

This past week I also added some spring decor to our house; one of my favorite things to do after a long (I mean seriously long!) winter. I got a new plant for the ledge up our stairs, a pretty greenery print, and a few faux flowers to liven things up. Take a look around!

Got these faux (sounds so much better than "fake" ha!) hydrangeas from Hobby Lobby on sale for only $4 each. Perfect thing to fill out my vase!

This leaf print came from Target and was also a great deal for a 16x20. It's SO much prettier in person than it is online.

Our bookshelf just got a touch of spring with my birdcage and little nest inside.

I picked up a few Magnolia blooms to fill a hole on our dresser and I really like them! I made them stand up by stuffing some paper towel down in the vase ;)

Oh! And we also refreshed our porch with two new patio chairs. Our old ones were awful and the table was off-kilter, so we decided to get comfortable chairs with pads instead of a table and chair set. You can find these here. (If you're wondering what Lincoln is wearing, it's his citronella bark collar that helps him not bark by puffing out citronella any time he does. It's a miracle worker!)

The last Spring touch will be a new wreath from Graced Designs! I can't wait to hang it up once it arrives. 

Have you decorated for Spring? 

Hope you enjoy your week! I'm in Nashville teaching The Bloom Workshop! If you'd like to follow along, we'd love to have you.


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  1. Everything looks so pretty! I saw that leaf print in Target and I love it. I think my general home style gives off a spring vibe -- I love greens and blues, whites, lots of touches of greenery... so for me, I think it's more like I undecorate for other seasons. ;) I love this time of the year!


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