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A few months ago we kicked off our 2018 Bloom Workshop year (my second business!) with our half day La Petite Bloom workshop, where we brought in two teachers in different creative industries and gathered at the Lofts at Luna in downtown Grand Rapids. Sweet Heather Anne taught our attendees how to watercolor on sugar cookies (and gave them her delicious recipe!) and Rhiannon Bosse taught the gals the art of floral arranging. It was such a special day together and I think I speak for everyone when I say we all left incredibly inspired. I thought I'd share the recap with you here, since we all love beautiful things!

Our tasty food was made by The Everyday Chef and Wife, who we absolutely adore! Both their personalities and their food are amazing and sweet ;)

 Our new friend Caitlin, of Third Clover Paper, designed the sweetest recipe cards for our guests to take home! She is a super talented illustrator, so it was fun to see what she came up with. She also calligraphed our student's names which we tied with ribbon around the recipe cards. It's all about the details!

 Heather began by sharing her background and going over watercolor wash techniques, using big fondant cakes to show the girls up front. It was so cool to see the artist at work! It comes so second nature to her and she makes it look so easy!

After her demo, our attendees got to practice on 8 of their own cookies! Can you even believe some of these cookies?! We were stunned!

 After a quick photography and styling session with Ashley and I, we welcomed Rhiannon up to teach our guests about floral arranging. It was really fun to hear about and see her process before our very eyes. She is so talented! Everyone learned so much! After her demo, it was time to set the girls free to pick out their own blooms at the flower bar. We always love seeing the gals' faces light up when they see!

 It's so amazing to watch our attendees, most of whom have never taken professional flower arranging classes before, create gorgeous bouquets! I guess you really can't mess up flowers (well, I'm sure you can-- but our girls never do!) Take a peek at some of the attendees' work below, along with some headshots of the gals. Ashley takes everyone's headshots at the end, which is a huge added bonus to the workshop! Everyone leaves with fresh pictures for their portfolio and website.

That was our only La Petite Bloom Workshop for the year (unless we add another local holiday workshop!) but if you're interested in learning floral design, photography and design tips, you can get all those sessions and tons more at any Bloom Bash workshop. We have Bloom Bash Austin and Bloom Bash Grand Rapids coming up this year! I'd love to meet you :)
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