Summer Flowers for Our Patio

I'm so thankful our apartment has a balcony; as small as it may be, it definitely adds a little extra square footage to our space. We love having dinner out there when the weather allows. I always get some flowers for the front door stoop (haven't done this yet this year!), but this year I decided to get some for the balcony as well. My neighbor makes planters for her job, so I asked her if she'd help me find the right plants for the type of light we get on the patio. She was so kind, she even TOOK me to the flower store and showed me herself! While I love flowers, I don't necessarily know what plants need to go where or which do well in what light. I was so glad to have her show me, so I didn't just waste money on flowers that weren't going to work well in the afternoon sun. 

I got some simple and cheap round, wire basket hangers to attach to our railing, then filled them with the round pots. The pots are plastic-- nothing special, but they make the patio look so summery!

This pretty, thin, white and green plant is going to continue growing and cascading down the pot. They're called Creeping Jenny's. I forget the name of the tall pink blooms, but there are also some gorgeous petite dahlias in the basket, which I ADORE!

You can see they already have a couple more blossoms coming soon!

Not only do we love the balcony, but so does Lincoln! He sits out here and watches other doggies on walks and "greets" the neighbors (with a big 'ole bark ;))

I found these chairs at Target on sale this year they fit perfectly with the garden stool I already had. (I'm addicted to lemon water-- a pretty good thing to be addicted to, I guess!)

Just to be sure the wire baskets stayed in place, I zip-tied the wire onto the railing, per my neighbor's suggestion.

Anddd one more :)

It's so nice to see the flowers through the window. Something about colorful blooms make my heart so happy! Do you spruce up your porch for Summer?


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