New Art for a Client Dining Room

Remember this pretty white kitchen reveal from Monday? Well, we still had to finish off the dining room side of the room, so I went back to style that area of the space this week and we LOVE how it turned out.
I get a lot of questions about what to do with wall space and in this case, the buffet certainly needed something above it. It felt so empty with nothing. We couldn't do a mirror, though one would have been lovely, because we have a mirror in the family room across from the dining room. And after some thought, I realized we needed something with color (we were thinking of a wooden sign for a while, but those are so neutral, I don't think it would have given us the spark we needed!)
Here's the space:

You can see the buffet in the far right of this picture:

Just for reference, this is a section of the family room that we did a couple months ago:

When I found this art in a local store, I was like HOW PERFECT IS THAT with the pillows in the family room?! It was meant to be. This would have been too matchy-matchy if it were RIGHT next to the pillows, but because it's across the room, it brings everything together just enough.

The Eucalyptus branches are from Hobby Lobby and they're 50% off this week. They have the perfect dusty green color which I think looks more authentic than bright green faux plants.

My thought process behind styling this vignette was that we needed height, we needed art, and we needed to bring the art together with the buffet / console table. So to do that I brought in two higher pieces on either side (height!). If we stopped there, then we would have had too symmetrical of an area, so I added the third object of the tray and drinks, scooting them to the left to create asymmetry, but still have a visually balanced finished product.

As I mentioned on Instagram, we were leaning it until my client could hang it up with the right picture hanging hook. Though I do love the leaning art look, we hung this (they have two dogs, so safety-wise it really needed to be hung!)
We just love how it turned out! Now the only thing left to do is get new barstools and the whole room will be complete. 

Happy Friday! I'm off to a new client meeting this morning and can't wait to start on this new project. Then I have a couple of calls to finalize details for our last Bloom Workshop of the year. This weekend looks hot and sunny, so hopefully we'll get some time to relax by the pool. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
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