The Short List No. 9

I can't believe it's been so long since I've done one of these posts! Share some of your answers with me in the comments!


What's new: Not much other than the fact that I've been working out for real the last two weeks!! So proud of myself. I'm trying to make it an actual habit before winter hits and I don't want to leave our apartment. I've been doing ab work, legs and bootie, and then walking uphill for 5 min, running for 5 min, walking, run, etc. I think it's been great!

What I'm watching: I have finally gotten my husband to watch the full series of FREINDS with me! We started from the beginning a couple weeks ago (this is my third time through) and he's loving it. I'm also watching Married at First Sight (I know, ridiculous...but like I've said before, it's so interesting to me!) I cannot wait for This is Us to be back on. And we thought Splitting Up Together was cute, too, so excited for that to return this fall. Also might be catching Bachelor in Paradise here and there ;) But kinda embarrassed to admit it!

What I'm cooking: We have been getting Blue Apron about once a month for a year now, but wanted to see what Hello Fresh was about, so we tried that last week and loved every.single.meal! Comment below with your email address if you want to try Hello Fresh or Blue Apron for free. Just specify which one! We honestly like both. 

Other than that, I've been doing a lot of grilled chicken or steak since it's so nice outside. We will grill up corn (non gmo!) and have a side like a baked potato or pasta salad. I have also been trying some yummy recipes from Andreas Cooktales cookbook and we love them all! 

What I'm wearing: It's still hot in Michigan (so not complaining!) so I'm wearing lots of dresses and shorts still. These are my favorite dressier shorts (on sale!) and these are my everyday shorts (not really a huge shorts fan, but what can you do when it's so hot?!) I'm also wearing a lot of work out clothes lately. They're easy and I've actually been going to the gym!

What's on my desk: so many fun design projects! One of my new construction homes is getting finished shortly and is going to be in the fall parade of homes here in Michigan. I'll be spending a lot of time getting that main living area all decorated. We're working on an adorable bench cushion for the little girl's window bench and I can't wait to see it done! Other than that project, I have a lot of other designs that include a master bedroom, living and dining room, patio design we're finishing up shortly, a nursery, great room and a couple guest bedroom designs! Here's a recent Master Bedroom Design plan:

Really excited for the wallpapered focal wall!

What I'm looking forward to: Well, I'm REALLY excited about being in Texas right now teaching The Bloom Workshop but also looking forward to our second wedding anniversary coming up in September (HOW?!)

What I'm using most: Loving this resurfacing peel and charcoal soap to help keep my sometimes oily skin in check. I've also been using essential oils more often lately. I've been putting on my Motivate oil blend the mornings I work out and I don't know, guys, but I feel like it's helping! ;)

What I'm reading: I just ordered Jen Wilkin's newest book, In His Image. I can't wait to read it, as she has been so influential in my faith and learning how to study the Bible.

What Lincoln's up to: Oh, Lincoln! He's getting cuter and sweeter and funnier by the day! He's definitely turning a corner these days...not doing as many naughty puppy things, but still surprises us at times ;) We taught him how to high-five last week, which he picked up in about 2 minutes and now wants to high-five us all the time. It's the cutest thing ever. It's different than a "shake" because he taps our hand twice for a high-five and for a shake, he just puts his paw in our hand. His favorite season is summer because he gets to go to the dog park all the time! We sure love him!

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