23 Favorite Paint Colors + Paint Sheens Explained

By far the most asked question I get is what are your favorite paint colors?! So today I'm answering the big question + addressing what the different sheen options are and when you should use each sheen. If you haven't read this first post about how to select paint colors, go here then come back ;)
First, we need to understand paint sheens:

High Gloss: very shiny, highly durable, shows wall imperfections because of the reflective nature. Be sure to paint multiple thin coats for high gloss, semi-gloss and satin to ensure no brush strokes are seen.

*Best use: cabinets, doors, trim & possibly used elsewhere for a bold effect (like in the picture below), but I have never painted interior walls with this sheen.
Semi-Gloss: not quite as shiny as High Gloss, but still reflective, very durable, great for spaces with lots of moisture.

*Best Use: bathrooms, cabinets, trim work, doors.

Satin: has a great sheen to it called "luster" and described as "velvety". Still very durable and shows some wall imperfections, but not as much as high or semi-gloss. Great for high-traffic areas.

*Best use: entryway, hallways, bedrooms

Eggshell: this is a flat paint, but still has some "luster", which is why it's great for any space. Its medium durability is balanced by the fact that it's easy to touch up, doesn't show wall imperfections and is a cheaper paint option.

*Best use: public living spaces

Flat / Matte: doesn't show wall imperfections, but not as durable (we have flat paint in our entire apartment and it shows scuffs and water marks like crazy!) Least expensive paint option and doesn't show brush strokes, which is a huge plus!

*Best Use: depends on if you don't mind touching paint up, but this can go anywhere except rooms that have a lot of moisture (bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, basements). I don't love it from living in a place with it now, and will always suggest Eggshell before flat. Ceilings are also usually flat, unless otherwise specified.

Alright, now on to my favorite paint colors! 
You can easily pin this to come back to for future reference. 

Here are a few of my favorite colors in action in some client's homes!

Revere Pewter: this is showing up a little lighter in the pictures and this home gets tons of natural light, typically this is a little darker.
Stonington: this typically reads a little blue / gray.
Don't forget to ALWAYS test out your colors on different spots in your room (either on the wall or on foam board) before going for it! Be sure to look at the colors at different times of day, as the light will change the color, sometimes dramatically.

What are YOUR favorite paint colors?! If you have any specific paint questions, drop them below and I'll answer in another follow-up post!
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  1. What a helpful post! When we moved into our house two years ago, I had our entire kitchen and family room (they are open to one another) painted Pale Oak and really love it. Our dining room has white wainscoting on the bottom, and the top is painted BM Shale. We always get compliments on it!

    1. That sounds beautiful!! Love both of those colors + love me some board and batten details!!

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