Fall Staples: For Your Closet

Happy fall everyone! I savored the last few weeks of summer and now I'm ready to embrace the new season. I even picked up a couple fall-inspired things at Trader Joe's last week ;) (butternut squash pasta that look like pumpkins, butternut squash mac n cheese, and maple leaf cookies which are our new favorite thing EVER, might have to stock up!)

Last week was summer weather and all of a sudden, crisp air and a little breeze seems to be here to stay from the look of the forecast. I am excited for my mom to be here in two weeks-- hopefully her trip will align with the color changing here in Michigan!

I haven't switched out my closet from spring/summer to fall/winter fully yet, but I did pull out some fall staples. This year I think I'm going to live in a few key things: some basic long sleeve tops and tees (I love that mustard color below!), big cozy sweaters, booties (these are my favorites that I wear constantly in the light color) and scarves. I want to find a classic poncho sweater that will go with tons of things, too. I'm eyeing the black and white plaid one below. One thing I have in my closet that I wear on repeat in the fall is my army green anorak jacket, which is why I'm calling it a staple! It really seems to go with everything.

Long Sleeves:

Chunky Sweaters & Jackets:

Scarves & Ponchos:

Boots, Booties & Flats:

What are YOUR fall must-haves? 

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  1. You inspired me to hit up Trader Joe's this week! Yum! I am on board with the poncho look -- I don't have one, and that might need to change this season. ;) Happy Monday!

    1. I love the poncho look too!! I haven’t had one in years so I pulled the trigger on the one in the board :)

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  3. I literally just got some leopard rothys in.. great minds think alike!

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