January Flowers For Your Home

I'm SO excited about this post, not because it's anything overly amazing, but because I LOVE flowers and I'm excited to share a new series with you. Once a month in 2019 I'm going to share a flower arrangement with you. Sometimes it'll have tips, step-by-step directions, and sometimes it'll be more simple, like it is today. But they'll always have pretty pictures of flowers, they'll always be bought from a local grocery store and they'll always be arranged by me-- not a florist, but a flower-enthusiast ;) Hopefully it's inspiring and will spark you to pick up some blooms for your home!
I usually pick up flowers for our little abode when I'm at the store (almost always at Trader Joe's)...guilty. They just make me so happy, especially in the winter. I work from home, so need some LIFE in here! (Okay, husband?!) When I got a bunch of requests from my sweet readers about wanting to see some more flowers / flower recipe posts / how-to's with flowers, I was so excited. I already buy flowers for our home, so why not share what I'm doing with them with you?!
For January, I wanted something colorful yet warm. It's so dead outside, friends. Although it's been the mildest winter since I've lived here since 2014, it's still cold and everything is brown. This week when I went to Trader Joe's I was instantly drawn to this pink/purple color!
I grabbed two varieties:
Spray Roses $4.99
Alstroemeria $3.99

For this arrangement I chose a pretty, warm copper vase to compliment the magenta flowers. Since these flowers have a lot of width to them in that they take up a bit more area space and can spread out, I thought this size round vase would be great.

I always tape off my vase first so that it provides a structure and support for the stems!

Make sure to discard any leaves that will sit under the water on your blooms. If there are leaves under water, it'll create bacteria and make your flowers wilt quicker. This is also why changing the water is important!

I wasn't able to take step-by-step pictures, but what I did was put 1 stem of alstroemeria in each of the 4 tape quadrants. Then, to cover the tape lines better, I added 2 more stems in there. Then I placed the spray roses and tried to group them together. I don't like when the different flowers are so spread out it looks like polka dots, so I tried to incorporate them a little more than that. I also wanted the flowers to spread wider than the width of the vase, so they took up more area space. The last thing I'm conscious of is covering the tape lines on the side and giving it some height. You don't want to cut your flowers so short or all the same height, because then the arrangement falls flat and lifeless.

I braved the 20 degree weather to sneak a couple pictures outside for you ;) You can see here that I tried to pull some stems out a little more than others to offer different heights and textures.

The pink is just so lovely!! And the beauty of this is that usually I have enough flowers to do one larger arrangement and one smaller + even a budvase or two for my bathroom and nightstand. By choosing flower varieties that have a lot of "breaks" like the spray roses, and a lot of area space, like the alstroemeria, you get a big bang for your buck! And alstroemeria lasts forever!

My husband got me this little vase in my stocking, so I was very excited to put it to use :)

I snapped these a couple days after the really opened up!

I hope this inspires you to go pick up some flowers (these were under $10 total!) to bring some color and life into your home this week! Next month, I'm going to be showing you a couple Valentine's Day inspired flower arrangements with my friend Chelsea, who's also a flower enthusiast :) We're going to shoot it in her lovely new kitchen. You won't want to miss it!
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  1. Wow, this was so helpful!! I think the two mistakes I generally make are not having enough flowers and cutting them at the same height. Can't wait to see what other creations you make!

    1. YES those are two really important things. I hope you picked up some really lovely flowers this week! :)

  2. Love this post! Nothing nicer than some cheerful flowers on a winter's day! I need to remember to grab some flower occasionally at the grocery store.

    1. Agreed, Heide! And boy have we had quite the winter the last week! 4 snow days in a row now!


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