February Flowers for Your Home

Happy Monday! Hopefully this post will actually bring you some happiness from all the pretty flowers (it's kind of a photo overload, fair warning!) If you missed my first post in the Flowers for Your Home series, you can find it here. Once a month I'll be showing you an arrangement I make for my house. The flowers will always be from local grocery stores and typically they're going to be inexpensive, but today's bunch was a little more because we splurged for Valentine's Day ;)

If you're local to West Michigan, I grabbed most of these flowers from Horrock's and got the white roses and wax flower from Trader Joe's (was hoping to find greenery at TJ's but got there too late and it was gone). I spend $70 on the flowers total, but my friend and I split them up, so $35 for a full flower arrangement with specialty flowers like ranunculus still isn't THAT bad. However, last month's flowers cost $9...so January definitely won ha! For comparison, a dozen roses at another local grocery store called Meijer is $16.99 usually. That to me is VERY expensive for 12 roses that I can get for $8 at TJ's. 

Anyways, on to the pretty flowers. My friend Chelsea and her husband recently bought a fixer upper and completely redid their kitchen. I thought it'd be fun to photograph our flowers in her new kitchen for you to see little peeks.

We decided to use the exact same flowers for each of our arrangements and see how different they came out.


+ Roses (some standard, a couple more "garden rose" like, but didn't get their exact names)
+ Spray Roses
+ Stock
+ Lisanthus
+ Greenery (sadly, I didn't get the name of this :( I'm sorry!)
+ Ranunculus
+ Wax Flower

Isn't her kitchen lovely?

I used the mercury glass vessel, which were the vases used on the reception table at our wedding and used floral tape across the top in a grid to anchor my flowers, and Chelsea used a white compote with a floral frog to secure her flowers.

Always check the roses for a higher petal count in the center...the higher the petal count, the more they look like a garden rose variety-- like these:

We start with the base of greenery. I put some on either side of my arrangement at different heights.

Chelsea spread hers more evenly:

I started with more two favorite roses as my main flowers and put one front and center, while the other sat up and to the right a little. I also tucked my Stock flower in the back left.

 Next I filled in with some spray roses and a couple lisianthus:

I was trying to be conscious of cutting my flowers at different heights so it didn't seem to flat. I could have done this even more, so I'll work on that next time ;)

Lastly, I added my pops of color with the ranunculus and made sure they were the tallest blooms in the arrangement.  

Here's Chelseas-- I think it turned out gorgeous! She has such a knack for arranging flowers and even grows a cut flower garden in her yard in the summer and fall. Hopefully we'll do some arrangements from her garden this year for the blog.

Here's my arrangement at home on the buffet:

Oh, and I had to show you this little succulent I got for free when I purchased a fiddle leaf for a client last week! It's so cute and fits perfectly in my little tea cup, which was my great-grandmothers.

Even though I've only done two posts in this series so far, I think it's my favorite series I do! And this month's arrangement will be hard to beat. Now onto brainstorming for March's bouquet.... ;)

Hope you have a wonderful day!
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  1. Lovely! I have never tried using tape across the vase before. I will have to give it a try! I usually make a bouquet in my hand first, not worrying about cutting, just arranging them at what height I like, then I cut all the stems so they are about the same length while still holding them.

    1. That's another great way to do arrangements! I've seen it taught before :) Great idea!! I'm sure they're beautiful.

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