The Short List No. 10

Here with one of my favorite posts today! Let me know some of your answers in the comments!

What's new: Well, the biggest news is my husband and I are house hunting! We went to see 7 houses last weekend and it was great to see different neighborhoods (liked some, ruled out others) and see what sort of features we want in a house (like, attached garage, please!) Our plan is to get a bit of a fixer upper. One that has good bones, but might need a kitchen and bath remodel along with paint and floors. I'm not super into moving walls, replacing windows, etc. because that gets too costly. This will likely be a short-term house for us...not one we plan to stay in for too long. But I'm really excited to share this journey with you soon hopefully. 
What I'm cooking: this week we got Hello Fresh (and all the people said AMEN!) but I also picked up a new pot roast I saw at Trader Joe's. It's in the crockpot as we speak and I'm planning to serve it with red skin potatoes and green beans. I'll let you know how it is.
What I'm watching: Obviously The Bachelor ;) Who's your favorite? No spoilers!! My girlfriends and I watch it every Monday night together. We think Hannah G, Cassie or Caelynn. Do you read these recaps on the show? Sheaffer always makes me laugh! 
My husband and I are almost done with FRIENDS (me for the 4th time and him for the 1st!) Lastly, I finally caved and watched the Gilmore Girls Year in a Life Netflix special. I liked episodes 1-2 but then I thought 3 got weird (with a lot of time spent on the neighborhood play! ha!) I still have the 4th to watch, which I'll watch next week while traveling. 
What I'm wearing: A couple weeks ago I got home from church and noticed there was a HOLE in my jeans. I was mortified haha!! So I'm down to one pair of blue jeans and I'm pretty much living in them (I do have army green jeans, black and leggings, of course). But I'm loving my Kut from the Kloth jeans. I think I'll have to get another pair come summer! Maybe this ankle style.
For my upcoming trip, I rented a couple pieces from Rent The Runway. Can't wait to show you soon!
What's on my desk: So many projects!! I have 2 new builds, 1 total renovation down to the studs, 1 decorating the main level and about to start finishing off the basement, finishing off a new build in the decorating phase now, and a couple smaller projects when I go to California. SO...I'm a busy bee right now! A couple pictures from recent client appointments:
 This is a sneak peek from a little boy's nursery I'm doing. It's almost done!

This is our inspiration for a new construction laundry room. Our cabinets will be navy and the floor will be a cool hexagon tile. I can't wait!

This is the plan for a new build's master shower. I had you guys vote on subway tile size for the walls and big won-- which is what I loved, too! The patterned tile will be in the shampoo niche.

This is what we're thinking for another new build master bath. The quartz is the countertop, the medallion shape is the shower floor and niche and the square at the bottom is the color of the vanity. It's all sitting on top of the tile floor for the bathroom. It's going to be so lovely!

This was another possibility we played around with for a shower. The tiles ended up being too big for the floor, but it was a pretty design!

What I'm looking forward to: My trip to Palm Springs with my mom next week! I can't wait for some warm sunshine, a couple days by the pool, shopping and good eats ;) Then I'll fly up to the Bay Area with my mom to visit family for a week. I'll see my grandparents, my cousin who's having a baby in June, and probably some aunts and uncles. My brother will be out of town, so I won't get to see him, sadly. 
Please send Palm Springs recs my way!
What I'm using most: Obsessed with this face oil for the winter and this moisturizer for the day time before my makeup. One way I'm saving money is by doing my own nails, so I've been loving this safer brand of polish. Also been making lots of tea recently! Peppermint tea with a little coconut creamer is so yummy. My morning tea is this cream caramel decaf from Ann Arbor Tea Haus
What I'm reading: I'm finishing How We Love and then I want to read Fierce Marriage. I'm also still in Jen Wilkin's James bible study.
What Lincoln's up to: Oh, he's getting sooo sweet!! He's so cuddly now and always has to be touching me when he lays down. His only issue is that at dark when we take him outside, he goes nuts if he sees another person or dog. I think cause it's dark, he can't really see and gets spooked?! During the daytime, he's totally fine. Any tips??
Happy Thursday!
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