Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

How is Valentine's Day so close?! I know, I's a Hallmark holiday and it can be cheesy, overdone, and can often make one feel sad if they don't have a partner, but I think any excuse to celebrate (and celebrate love at that!) is a good one, be it with friends or your guy. Whether you want to get your girlfriends a galentine's gift or you want to pass along some gift ideas to your significant other (wink wink), there's something here for everyone!

From my favorite panties to a beautiful floral robe, cozy throw blankets, and some fun ways to pamper yourself with a charcoal mask or lipgloss, these ideas will definitely make the recipient feel loved!

SHOP: pink swell bottle / heart phone case / pink champagne glass phone casecandy sugar lips / kiss mugs / jade roller / zoya nail polish / pink furry 1/4 zip / lip glossfloral robe / set of 3 hanky panky undies / drop necklace / pom pom blanket / charcoal mask / barefoot dreams blanket / stud earrings / blush / candle / matches / kiss the cook dish towel

Other than sweet gifts like the above, I love getting a massage or facial gift card, or just simply some pretty flowers :) You can never go wrong with flowers!

What do you do on Valentine's Day? When I was in college and single my girlfriends and I made heart-shaped pizzas one time! Ever since being with my husband, I make him these special pancakes on Valentine's Day morning, then we go out to dinner that evening. 

Stay tuned for my gift guide for Him coming soon. And if you have any ideas to throw in, do tell!!
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